Must-Read! Big changes coming in September.

Andrew Boon posted 24th of August 2015 in Boonex News. 91 comments.

In just one week Boonex will turn 15. Perfect milestone to introduce some serious changes. In this post I will briefly outline what is planned for the month of September. More details posts will follow.


Dolphin.Pro Licensing

There will be one license only. No more mobile/permanent/prime options. Just one license that registers one domain to use all the software.
Price: $599 (includes Dolphin.Pro, mobile apps, installation, lifetime version upgrades).
License can be purchased without creating a Boonex account. We will just register a “guest” account to email and send a license. 
Signing up with Boonex, however, will result in instant discounts on licenses:
10% discount for Starters
20% discount for Advanced
30% discount for Premium
Existing licenses will be upgraded. Dolphin Permanent license will be equal to full license. Prime holders have two license numbers, and hence will be getting two full licenses per package. 

Boonex Memberships

Memberships are going to change. Starter level is free, but higher levels would require monthly fee.  
Starter - Free 
Post in support forums
Buy in market and review purchases
Contact Vendors
Advanced - $10/month
+ Contact other members, post and comment in blogs
+ Can escalate forum posts to Boonex Team
+ Direct Support by Boonex Team
Premium - $100/month
+ Priority Support by Boonex Team
+ 10% discount in Boonex Market
Current Membership statuses will remain intact. New fee schedule will apply to upgrades and new memberships.

Boonex Market 

"Vendor" Membership - $100 one time fee
Same as Advanced
+ Can Post products or service offers in Boonex Market
There will be a requirement on Vendor activity and rating, otherwise this membership may cease. 
Market will have “FEATURED” page on homepage that shows “cards” for either extensions, or services, or even Vendor store/profile. We will select Featured algorithmically. Generally, for a card to be listed as Featured, it needs to have some THUMBS UP. At least one is required to even qualify. Higher-level Vendors have their thumbs-up bonuses. Product should be compatible with latest stable Dolphin.Pro. 
All other products will be accessible via other browsing pages. 

Development Schedule

We are aiming for 1st of September Dolphin.Pro 7.2 release. Fingers crossed. RC is coming out today.
After 7.2 release we are moving Dolphin.Pro and apps repositories and issue tracking to GitHub. Dolphin.Pro 7.3 and 7.4 milestones are already there. 
From now on we plan to commit to definitive update schedule with feature updates planned for September and March each year. So one every 6 months. 
We have already started putting together a list of enhancements planned for Future (undefined yet) and specific version. 

New Dolphin.Pro Logo

We are saying goodbye to our shiny realistic Dolphins. Instead we'll be introducing a tangram-style flat Dolphin.Pro logo that communicates one simple thing - you can make anything out of it
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what go happend if you have already the Dolphinpro license and the Premium and not the mobile version
Andrew Boon
Premiums will stay Premium. Licenses will be upgraded.
Yes indeed! What happens when you have already spent a lot of money on a prime licence and modules in the past?
Andrew Boon
Premiums will stay Premium. Licenses will be upgraded.
Are you crazy or what?
I don't pay each month...
Can you ask first what is the best first to your customers?
You change when you want, you do what you want.
I paid for the licenses lifetime... And now you take it back?
Andrew Boon
:) You're Premium and, as promised, will stay Premium.
You didn't answer his first question :D haha ;)
Andrew Boon
- We might be crazy.
- You won't need to pay each month, since you're already Premium, as per the old deal.
- Yes, we do change when and what we want, but so far always doing so in favour of existing clients and honouring existing commitments.
- We don't take back your licenses - they will all be upgraded. Dolphin Permanent license to full Dolphin.Pro license, and Prime to two full Dolphin.Pro licenses and lifetime Premium membership without extra fee.
ok, thank you... no problem.. i'm also crazy :-)
Nathan Paton
I would also appreciate some clarifications on memberships, and how it affects current users (especially prime and vendors). From the looks of it, starter now has most of the basics, so advanced and premium are really more about the support options. The only change I'd like to see added to starter is to allow communication with other members if messaged first. For example, I message a starter user, and they can then reply back to me. That way I don't have to give them my email on the forums anymore.

And see more because this is always asked when the licenses are talked about, a reminder: Current license holders are not affected by license changes. Your license is life-time, and enables access to all updates and features. If you have the mobile apps, this also doesn't affect you.

That all said, I welcome the switch to GitHub and new support options. The release schedule is also a welcomed addition. And in case anybody is wondering, yes, BoonEx looks to own
Andrew Boon
Good call on allowing communication if contacted first. Will add.

There will be more clarifications on memberships once we work out SLAs and other details.
Nathan Paton
What if support options were a separate subscription, or otherwise current members were grandfathered, and could purchase the support option (e.g., Classic Advanced, Classic Premium)? TBH, there's not much in the other levels that starter doesn't have now, but premium does have the 10% discount.
Andrew Boon
There will be more separation as we go along, but for now we can only comment of things that are relevant to existing functionality. As for current memberships - we just plan to just maintain them as is. Current Premium will stay Premium, current Advanced to stay Advanced. This may prove as a bit of a challenge for our support line at first, but we hope to manage with help of improved Knowledge Base and clear SLA.
Seems to be mostly pricing increases rather than software innovations here. I hope all's well with you guys. I look forward to updating our site to the next stable version.
Andrew Boon
New software is on the way, too. Also re-organization of the development process. This will also allow us to open mobile apps repositories. Price for full license is same as current Prime (and similar package) with permanent option for at least 10% discount. For Advanced it's 20% off, and for Premium - 30% off.
Andrew Boon

Existing licenses will be upgraded. Dolphin Permanent license will be equal to full license. Prime holders have two license numbers, and hence will be getting two full licenses per package.

Current Membership statuses will remain intact. New fee schedule will apply to upgrades and new memberships.
I like the new logo... nicely done.

I won't comment further, as I'm sure you'll have plenty of feedback in the days to come.
i d'ont understand. i have permanent licence i will have licence to mobile?
Andrew Boon
Yes, you will be able to use mobile apps and they will connect to your site. We plan to open mobile apps source code, but only licensed Dolphin sites will connect with them.
I have permanent license as well , I'm i affected with those changes ? or simply the only changes is that my permanent license will equal full license and i can enjoy free mobile app is that right ? Thanks
The Logo Is.... AWESOME! :D
I can't afford the $50 + to host this on vps...on a shared server I get 1000's of "Apache hits" and I got suspended, how about some free hosting to go with the licensed Dolphin.
Not sure what service you're using but you might want to look for hosting that caters to Dolphin. One that I know of is TMD Hosting, ( They are set up to work with and knowledgable about Dolphin, provide outstanding tech support and for a great price $46. (USD) a year.
I'm kind of fed up...I can't get it to work out after 7 years.
You haven't made a forum post in 3 years.
Yeah, that's probably when I decided to give up. I've made less than $5.00 with adsense the whole time, it's like Dolphin was a big black hole for me.
If you gave up three years ago, why are you here now? Just curious.
I'm with TMD on a shared server and I have never had any problem.
Agreed - no issues with TMD here either.
I am using a white label at the moment and trying to sell my domain. I was thinking of setting up Dolphin again in hopes that it would sell once the blogs are full of spam and it looks like I am getting tons of traffic.
If I revive Dolphin for for domain I will try TMD. I had some site like or, something like that and it was just crashing all the time. I'm on disibility so $50 per. month was just not feasible.
Lol. Why would any 1 buy prime membership? Member get faster support in forum than contacting you guys. Doesn't seem logical.
Other thing I have a prime license. Does that mean I can use 1 for Trident and 1 for dolphinpro?
Does all prime members have to pay 100$ or only new prime members? Regarding selling modules does the existing prime members have to pay one time 100$ or new members will pay?
Plz don't make boonex a dating site. Pay to talk to other members -_- why not pay as you go for dedicated support option?
Andrew Boon
It's only for spam prevention.
Andrew Boon
Current Premium won't need to pay. Vendor fee is one time and is reduced from $150.
I purchased Dolphin Prime license and 1 hour after I purchased it there was a 30% discount offered for 1 day only. I notice that this is happening practically on a daily basis now. Today for instance there was the pop up with the 30% discount. I paid a lot of money for my license ($599.00) and now I see that all licenses are reduced. I bought the license in good faith so where does this leave me? Will there be more charges ahead? I look forward to your response. Thank you.
sent @mail to Andrew Boon( with your details and talk about it or here on online chat
Andrew Boon
As camperjz said, send us a message. or chat.
What if you have enough costume work in which would be a pain in upgrading let's say, on mobile do you need to continue to stay on the old version or can you upgrade the mobile and stay with the current desktop version?
Andrew Boon
If your site is licensed (registered with a paid license) it will work with mobile apps regardless of what version of Dolphin you're running.
I don't really care for the new logo but then that does not really matter in the scope of things.

Question: if one is currently selling a product in the Market under Premium, what happens?
Andrew Boon
Good question. We are now still working this out. It may be that we'll have "Vendor" as a secondary status, along with Starter/Advanced/Premium.
From what I understand, Boonex is going to be offering paid support. I think many newcomers will welcome this change and I hope that it works out well for Boonex.
Andrew Boon
Pretty much the main point of all the changes. A lot of clients want paid support and we have a plan in place on how to provide it adequately.
I don't like this new license lark. A prime licence holder had unlimited domains now they have only two domains to license convert? Don't mean to be funny but that price will scare of future customers because a lot remember how many problems 7.1 had and you only got to take a look at the forums to find a wave of problems. Prime license holders should have what they paid for originally unlimited domains. I feel i've backed the wrong horse here If anything I'm feeling gutted I had 4 projects I was see more planning.
Curious about this as well. I currently have 5 permanent licenses that I plan on using with 7.2. Does this new model change that? Or will each of my existing 5 be able to do both web and mobile now under the new structure?
Andrew Boon
--Or will each of my existing 5 be able to do both web and mobile now under the new structure?

Yes, every one of them will work with mobile apps now.
Andrew Boon
Prime never had unlimited domains, sorry. It's for one domain - Dolphin + apps + installation + featured membership. And now, Prime order will give you two full domain licences and priority tech support, without having to pay anything. It's an upgrade all around.
Andrew, if there is any way at all you can expedite those 7.3 milestones, it would make Dolphin Pro a very good, Modern product. Those milestones are urgently needed, and six months will seem like an eternity to me. Just give AlexT and AntonL a big cash incentive bonus.... they'll get it done in half the time.

Now about memberships and paid support, especially the $100 per month option. Some folks around here may hate me for saying this, but for that paltry sum, it would make good business see more sense to limit the number of hours of priority support you provide for that sum. If you don't, sooner than later, someone will come along and turn into a time vampire that sucks the life out of you. You can see this in the forums on ocsasion, when some new guy needs to be 'spoon fed'..... they need their hand held at every little turn. You can't let yourself get into the situation where one or two people consume 80% of your available time. For that price, a minimum of one hour of priority support and absolutely no more than 4 hours sounds about right to me.

Whatever you do, you need to structure the support very carefully, and have a very efficient process in place that is fair to both the customer and yourselves. Fixed prices need fixed limits, especially when your time is involved.
I agree, expedite milestones especially with timeline module & universal embed. 6 months is eternity.
Andrew Boon
We would love to bring improvements earlier and some things will likely appear in interim (service) updates, but every major feature update requires testing, packaging and a lot of community kicking. Also many web-masters could use longer periods between worrying about updates.

Look, about a month is needed for the after-update fuss to calm down and first service update to appear. Then, we would need anywhere between 2-3 months to plan, design, develop and fine-tune new features. A month for see more betas/RCs at least. Anything less than 6 months would have to be rushed, with a lot of compromises.
Andrew Boon
--- Just give AlexT and AntonL a big cash incentive bonus.... they'll get it done in half the time.
> They are industrious fellas working at 110% capacity all the time no matter how much you pay.

As for support overload, sure, we will be establishing a clear SLA for both Advanced and Premium membership. It will help everyone understand exactly what we will and won't do within the deal terms.
| They are industrious fellas working at 110% capacity all the time no matter how much you pay.

Yeah? Offer them a $50K bonus to get 7.3 done by year's end, and watch what happens.
Andrew Boon
Broken families, tarnished faces, flattened buttocks.
i have prime , that is short for premium??
are there any changes for me??
i am pretty confused here
Andrew Boon
You get 2 full licenses and keep your Premium membership for life. Same as you had before + priority support + extra license.
so i can use dolphin on one more site?
Andrew Boon
Yes. Just wait until changes are implemented. We'll be announcing them as they come.
Hi, I have an extended license ($ 299). Question 1: I will not lose my license? ; 2: Will I have the same mobile version work? ; 3: When you upgrade from 7.1.6 to 7.2? Thank you, thank you in advance!
Andrew Boon
1: I will not lose my license? ;
> No, you will have it upgraded to full license.

2: Will I have the same mobile version work? ;
> Yes, it will now work with mobile apps.

3: When you upgrade from 7.1.6 to 7.2?
> Hopefully 1st of September.
Спасибо ! 1 сентября уже не далеко ))) Удачи Вам!
Here we go again. If I remember correctly, you said Dolphin Pro would be free, and that you'd charge for modules only.
The other thing that I do not understand is why on earth will Dolphin Pro be $600? You then include installation & mobile apps. What if one doesn't need installation or mobile apps? It feels forced down our throats again, like when you jacked the price 400% the last time (with no additional support)

Not only that, why would any one need the (ancient & poorly developed) see more mobile app when Dolphin Pro supposed to be very mobile friendly? You've already stated that there will not be a new mobile app with DolphinPro
Andrew Boon
We still plan to introduce "pay for modules only" pricing at some stage, but it will require some serious improvements in Boonex Market and changes in Dolphin itself. It will be a while before it happens. Meanwhile it's a simple "register your domain and use what you want" deal, which will be much easier to grandfather when we go "pay for modules only" way.

A for mobile apps - this move is also paves the way for more dynamic improvement. We will be able to open the see more repos, involve additional developers, simplify rebranding process for those who's offering it, etc. Yes, Dolphin.Pro is getting more and more mobile-friendly, but apps will still remain important - for many end-users this is THE way to interact with social networks today and we should provide tools accordingly.

Mobile-friendly Dolphin.Pro is not just a good thing on it's own - it will also allow us to integrate more Dolphin functionality into the app quicker.
Seems to be a lot of anger on here about something that sounds self-explanatory. I paid $799 for my Dolphin site and have purchased many mods. I think it is more than 3 years now I have had an Adult
Dating site and last week I made my first $9.95. My biggest problems are that for some reason I can't get the 7.14 to upgrade to .15 and .16 so I hope the upgrade to 7.2 is better. SEO is another big problem, I hope that has been addressed in the admin? My advice is, and I started this as a full time see more carer to add to my
minimal income, to think long and hard about starting a dating site. Its a long hard road with little rewards.
The secret to SEO is to pay Google.
Do you mean Pay for Click? Been there done that, very expensive habit for very little return. Not really what I meant. If you look at other software programs on the market (for example they have very defined areas for adding SEO to each and every page on the site through the admin panel. I think Boonex owes this to it's customers as part of the package. I know I can purchase the mod to do this and I have done but again it is tedious and not really that successful. I think where Boonex see more Dolphin makes it's biggest mistake is that they forget why customers purchase their software. The fact is most of the clients that purchase Dolphin are novice, we are looking for a way to create income and don't really have 10's of thousands of dollars to invest. Don't get me wrong, I love Dolphin, I looked at a lot of software and not much added up in comparison.

Something I find a problem as stated above are things like the upgrades. I did everything spot on to the instructions and had no success. I asked Boonex if they had someone to do the upgrade from 7.14 to .15and .16 and got no response. Originally someone in Boonex was going to do a site audit for me, sent all the details required and again was never done.

Boonex I am sure is the same as any other company and wants to produce a product that leads the market and realistically they are missing the mark. Someone there needs to look at in relation to what our competitors in the dating industry are doing on their sites. For starters the home page just needs to be a simple defined search box, join and login form, e.g. similar to or Again I know I can purchase templates for this but in most cases it ends up a redirect and doesn't suit Google Algorithms. The whole search ideas don't work in relation to what the site patrons want. Again look at what the leaders in the field are doing. To keep a customer on a dating site you have to remember that they to in many cases are novices on the internet. If they have a problem or don't understand how the site works immediately you loose them before they start. I get a lot of feedback about the mobile apps from patrons, in every case I get the response "what is that. Again why I have never had those changed over to my company name and have just optimized the site to suit mobiles.

I know I am raving but if Boonex wants to be a world leaded then they really need to produce what the leaders in dating and social sites are doing. Dolphin primarily needs to create a product for us, their clients so we can compete at the same level as our competitors by having comparable software. In this way we can compete in our market place giving our customers what they need and therefore creating income. If we, Boonex customers are making money by being competitive the follow on is that we then have money to re-invest back into Boonex products. A win, win for everyone. Hope I haven't offended anyone as that is not my intention but Boonex need to place a lot of emphasis on what our customers want and need as well as giving us the most advanced dating and or social software for todays market.

Shane Timms
Hey Folks, I really don't see what the issue here.. For $599 which includes Dolphin Pro, mobile apps, installation & lifetime version upgrades - I think it is a sweet deal. Just so you know, one of my clients is running a news site (not a dolphin based), they needed a Mobile App for their site, and when I posted the project on oDesk, the price I got to setup the Mobile App ALONE started between $800-$1,500. So, before we jump into conclusions, we ought to do our homework to see what we are getting see more for the buck.. For the last 3 yrs or so, we've all seen lots of D7 improvements.. As result these guys need our support, and not just a lip service support, a finance support that is..

I think this is fair & I am in.. Boonex Team has my support :)

I think it is unlikely I will be pursuing Dolphin any further. It was a toss up between Dolphin & another platform that was currently doing a complete upgrade/re-branding & it was the overall cost including licensing structure & cost/incorporation of add-ons that was the main issue. The other platform is quicker with it's upgrades & implementations but I was happy to wait a little longer if proven to be better. I've been testing both for a while now. This announcement has made my see more mind up for me to be honest. I think Boonex main problem is they don't know what direction they want to go in or who their market is. Keep changing your structure is going to lose more people than you will gain & no matter how many times you say the change in licensing will never put existing users in a worse off state, they will eventually get so bamboozled by the changes they will cut their losses anyway. Dolphin provides nothing more than other platforms but Boonex are a lot more slower in their releases than other platforms.....and if I am honest...their support! Unfortunately, there is nothing here that makes either version of Dolphin better & the licensing justifiable. Sorry guys but thanks for everything.
Andrew Boon
All the changes are positive. Licenses get upgraded, paid support option added, development planned out. So, check back soon!
I have 2 Pro licenses.
After the change will they both be upgraded ?
Payment membership: BAD NEWS FOR DOLPHIN OWNERS. This is the way to regress. All current members = collective brain. I helped to Dolphin developers more that 10 times to fix different bugs. Less new members = less power of the collective Dolphin's brain.

Every member is an ant that help to improve Dolphin. You kill yourself, guys.
Andrew Boon
We do not intend to charge for already existing memberships. Those who is already Premium will stay Premium forever for free. Also we are working towards making free Basic membership secure enough to allow Basics to do everything Advanced used to do. Basically new charges are for direct support and in no way they are diminishing rights of existing members.
Andrew, the amount of existing old members decreases with times (for natural reasons). Every project needs new members every month, every year. So, new basic members becomes the "fresh blood" for Dolphin.

I understood the new rules about existing members.

But, will new members have rights to post at Dolphin's forum (about problems, new features, modules) with no payment ($10)? Sometimes newcomers make very useful improvements of the engine.
Andrew Boon
Yes, Basic will be able to post in forums, comment on products they purchased, contact Vendors and contact members that contacted them first. Also after they've accumulated some "trust points" they will be allowed to comment in blogs and contact anyone. We want Basic Members to be fully capable, but limit them at first to prevent spam and rates gaming in Market.
Now I don't see any problem for Dolphin's future because of new Rules.
Alright, let's all calm down. There's nothing negative in this post. If anything, they are offering more than they did previously. The fact they will charge for DIRECT support shouldn't be a shocker. Time costs money. If you don't want to pay the monthly subscription, then just rely on the forums.
Does this mean, that we - who bought the software before - will loose our existing license?
I bought a permanent license in the first year boonex comes on the market. You said that this is a lifetime license and all updates would be free for live...
Your Permanent license will equal full license :) and you will have mobile app for free :)
Thanks for clarify that. Is it possible to have somebody doing the new update for us?
Andrew need assistance. I have 4 licenses and need one reinstalled and website name changed. I dont mind paying for the reinstall for new site, just dont know how to go about it. Sent an email but havent received a response. Thanks.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.