Not sure what service you're using but you might want to look for hosting that caters to Dolphin. One that I know of is TMD Hosting, ( They are set up to work with and knowledgable about Dolphin, provide outstanding tech support and for a great price $46. (USD) a year.
I'm kind of fed up...I can't get it to work out after 7 years.
You haven't made a forum post in 3 years.
Yeah, that's probably when I decided to give up. I've made less than $5.00 with adsense the whole time, it's like Dolphin was a big black hole for me.
If you gave up three years ago, why are you here now? Just curious.
I'm with TMD on a shared server and I have never had any problem.
Agreed - no issues with TMD here either.
I am using a white label at the moment and trying to sell my domain. I was thinking of setting up Dolphin again in hopes that it would sell once the blogs are full of spam and it looks like I am getting tons of traffic.
If I revive Dolphin for for domain I will try TMD. I had some site like or, something like that and it was just crashing all the time. I'm on disibility so $50 per. month was just not feasible.
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