I think it is unlikely I will be pursuing Dolphin any further. It was a toss up between Dolphin & another platform that was currently doing a complete upgrade/re-branding & it was the overall cost including licensing structure & cost/incorporation of add-ons that was the main issue. The other platform is quicker with it's upgrades & implementations but I was happy to wait a little longer if proven to be better. I've been testing both for a while now. This announcement has made my see more mind up for me to be honest. I think Boonex main problem is they don't know what direction they want to go in or who their market is. Keep changing your structure is going to lose more people than you will gain & no matter how many times you say the change in licensing will never put existing users in a worse off state, they will eventually get so bamboozled by the changes they will cut their losses anyway. Dolphin provides nothing more than other platforms but Boonex are a lot more slower in their releases than other platforms.....and if I am honest...their support! Unfortunately, there is nothing here that makes either version of Dolphin better & the licensing justifiable. Sorry guys but thanks for everything.
Andrew Boon
All the changes are positive. Licenses get upgraded, paid support option added, development planned out. So, check back soon!
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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