Here we go again. If I remember correctly, you said Dolphin Pro would be free, and that you'd charge for modules only.
The other thing that I do not understand is why on earth will Dolphin Pro be $600? You then include installation & mobile apps. What if one doesn't need installation or mobile apps? It feels forced down our throats again, like when you jacked the price 400% the last time (with no additional support)

Not only that, why would any one need the (ancient & poorly developed) see more mobile app when Dolphin Pro supposed to be very mobile friendly? You've already stated that there will not be a new mobile app with DolphinPro
Andrew Boon
We still plan to introduce "pay for modules only" pricing at some stage, but it will require some serious improvements in Boonex Market and changes in Dolphin itself. It will be a while before it happens. Meanwhile it's a simple "register your domain and use what you want" deal, which will be much easier to grandfather when we go "pay for modules only" way.

A for mobile apps - this move is also paves the way for more dynamic improvement. We will be able to open the see more repos, involve additional developers, simplify rebranding process for those who's offering it, etc. Yes, Dolphin.Pro is getting more and more mobile-friendly, but apps will still remain important - for many end-users this is THE way to interact with social networks today and we should provide tools accordingly.

Mobile-friendly Dolphin.Pro is not just a good thing on it's own - it will also allow us to integrate more Dolphin functionality into the app quicker.
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