The secret to SEO is to pay Google.
Do you mean Pay for Click? Been there done that, very expensive habit for very little return. Not really what I meant. If you look at other software programs on the market (for example they have very defined areas for adding SEO to each and every page on the site through the admin panel. I think Boonex owes this to it's customers as part of the package. I know I can purchase the mod to do this and I have done but again it is tedious and not really that successful. I think where Boonex see more Dolphin makes it's biggest mistake is that they forget why customers purchase their software. The fact is most of the clients that purchase Dolphin are novice, we are looking for a way to create income and don't really have 10's of thousands of dollars to invest. Don't get me wrong, I love Dolphin, I looked at a lot of software and not much added up in comparison.

Something I find a problem as stated above are things like the upgrades. I did everything spot on to the instructions and had no success. I asked Boonex if they had someone to do the upgrade from 7.14 to .15and .16 and got no response. Originally someone in Boonex was going to do a site audit for me, sent all the details required and again was never done.

Boonex I am sure is the same as any other company and wants to produce a product that leads the market and realistically they are missing the mark. Someone there needs to look at in relation to what our competitors in the dating industry are doing on their sites. For starters the home page just needs to be a simple defined search box, join and login form, e.g. similar to or Again I know I can purchase templates for this but in most cases it ends up a redirect and doesn't suit Google Algorithms. The whole search ideas don't work in relation to what the site patrons want. Again look at what the leaders in the field are doing. To keep a customer on a dating site you have to remember that they to in many cases are novices on the internet. If they have a problem or don't understand how the site works immediately you loose them before they start. I get a lot of feedback about the mobile apps from patrons, in every case I get the response "what is that. Again why I have never had those changed over to my company name and have just optimized the site to suit mobiles.

I know I am raving but if Boonex wants to be a world leaded then they really need to produce what the leaders in dating and social sites are doing. Dolphin primarily needs to create a product for us, their clients so we can compete at the same level as our competitors by having comparable software. In this way we can compete in our market place giving our customers what they need and therefore creating income. If we, Boonex customers are making money by being competitive the follow on is that we then have money to re-invest back into Boonex products. A win, win for everyone. Hope I haven't offended anyone as that is not my intention but Boonex need to place a lot of emphasis on what our customers want and need as well as giving us the most advanced dating and or social software for todays market.

Shane Timms
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