With regards to the firstname + lastname issue, does this mean I first have to break it by upgrading to 7.2 and than get it "fixed" again in this patch? Surely you must have a better solution for people who are still on 7.1.6
If you upgrade it using the original 7.1.6 > 7.2 upgrade patch, it will break it permanently, and you won't be able to fix it. The original upgrade patch dropped the LastName and FirstName fields from the profile table after combining them into the FullName field. If you ran this upgrade on a site with a lot of members, you'd be really pissed afterwards. MAKE SURE you use the latest upgrade patch that no longer drops the tables.
Let's break it so that we can fix it again in the next release. Sounds awesomely logicalistic.
Upgrade patch from 7.1.6 to 7.2.0 was updated to not drop FirstName and LastName fields, so make sure that you've downloaded the latest upgrade patch from
Thanks guys, wasn't aware that there were 2 versions of 7.2, but happy to hear I don't have to break it in order to fix it!
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