Dolphin.Pro 7.2.1 Released With Over 50 Improvements

Andrew Boon posted 19th of October 2015 in News. 20 comments.



This is a "service" version update  with 42 fixes and 11 enhancements. Since 7.2 has introduced so many significant changes a service update is coming out hot on its heels to address any issues that may have been missed in 7.2.


Now the Dolphin.Pro 7.2.1 is the new stable version, with upgrade pack available from 7.2. 


Upgrade Instructions

Download Dolphin.Pro 7.2


Upgrading to this new version is highly recommended. This time around we hope to be able to continue to 7.3 development without having to issue many service updates. A lot of great plans and exciting new features are on the table. Can't wait!

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thank you guys, awesome :p
With regards to the firstname + lastname issue, does this mean I first have to break it by upgrading to 7.2 and than get it "fixed" again in this patch? Surely you must have a better solution for people who are still on 7.1.6
If you upgrade it using the original 7.1.6 > 7.2 upgrade patch, it will break it permanently, and you won't be able to fix it. The original upgrade patch dropped the LastName and FirstName fields from the profile table after combining them into the FullName field. If you ran this upgrade on a site with a lot of members, you'd be really pissed afterwards. MAKE SURE you use the latest upgrade patch that no longer drops the tables.
Let's break it so that we can fix it again in the next release. Sounds awesomely logicalistic.
Upgrade patch from 7.1.6 to 7.2.0 was updated to not drop FirstName and LastName fields, so make sure that you've downloaded the latest upgrade patch from
Thanks guys, wasn't aware that there were 2 versions of 7.2, but happy to hear I don't have to break it in order to fix it!
Waiting for some mods to be updated for this version and then I can upgrade. Thanks for the quick release!
Same here.

So many people complain that the Dolphin upgrades are slow; don't bother to check on the modules they have installed from third-party; then wonder why everything breaks.

I'm still feeling nervous now; five months on!
getting these errors, but all these extensions are installed. trying to fresh install d7.2.1 in it's own folder , but d7.2.0 is already installed on the same domain and running fine. Any suggestions? -----------------> d7.2.0>d7.2.1 , which causes the error listed below during insulation.
is this a bug?

xsl extension isn't installed. Warning! Dolphin can't work properly see more without it.
fileinfo extension isn't installed. Warning! Dolphin can't work properly without it.
zip extension isn't installed. Warning! Dolphin can't work properly without it.
exif extension isn't installed. Warning! Dolphin can't work properly without it.
figured it out, need to upgrade to php 5.4.45, or php 5.5.30
What are the updates/fixes?
Fixes -

Enhancements -✓&q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3A7.2.1+is%3Aclosed+label%3Aenhancement+
Could someone post the link where I can download the media to upgrade form 7.1.6 to 7.2

The media on this link has full version 7.2.1 - is this the same for the upgrade from 7.1.6 to 7.2 ?

Thank you !
Got it ! Thanks to Boonex Team for providing the main upgrade link:
I'm currently on Dolphin 7.1.6 and want to upgrade to 7.2.1 - what instructions do I need to follow? - I'm getting the impression I first need to upgrade to 7.2.0, and then upgrade to 7.2.1?
Yes you need to upgrade first to 7.2. Check everything if all modules are running well after the upgrade. Once everything is in place then you upgrade to 7.2.1
Thanks. Will give that a go
Pleasure is mine bro. Hope all is well.
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