So is this new with 7.2.1? I haven't upgraded but I know for certain as of the last version of 7.1 Dolphin does not support SSL. I have a certificate, dedicated IP and know how to install a cert. Works fine on my other sites. Dolphin? Dolphin won't render and the js console goes crazy with errors. Was just reading a conversation on the forums with one of your devs (I forget which) blatantly stating that Dolphin does not support SSL and won't. That was only a few months ago so can you please clarify see more this? I would love to get SSL working on our site but to the best of my knowledge Dolphin is not compatible so this post makes no sense?
Dolphin 7.1 is compatible with HTTPS, however it was some small fixes regarding HTTPS support in Dolphin 7.2, so it's better to upgrade to Dolphin 7.2 before moving site to HTTPS.

Most probably you didn't clear caches after applying HTTPS on your site, so you've got all these errors.
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