goes 100% HTTPS. Ready to install SSL to Dolphin sites for Subscribers.

Andrew Boon posted 21st of October 2015 in Boonex News. 10 comments.

We have just finished setting up SSL encryption and authentication for site-wide. This means that all your sensitive data transmitted via is protected and will only be seen by those who you mean to show it to. Since a lot of web-masters share site access details, use internal messages, make payments and fill-in potentially private information in their accounts, we thought it would be great to add strong encryption to all pages. So, all pages are now served with current SSL certificate issued by Comodo.




And what about Dolphin-powered sites? 

If you think about it, nearly any Dolphin-powered site would benefit from HTTPS. Members would appreciate protection from phishing, security of their private data and of course added trust when making any payments. 


And even if you don't care for your users, consider that Google officially announced that sites with SSL get a ranking boostWith the cost of basic certificate now in the range of $20-$100 a year it's a no-brainer. Just go and do it!


We are ready to install SSL Certificates to sites on Boonex Subscriptions without any charge, as part of support service. You just need to buy a certificate and let us know when you want us to install it for you. Also contact us if you need assistance with choosing a certificate or even purchasing one. 


If you're using your own hosting or one of our recommended hosting providers, you would need to arrange the installation with your host.

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So is this new with 7.2.1? I haven't upgraded but I know for certain as of the last version of 7.1 Dolphin does not support SSL. I have a certificate, dedicated IP and know how to install a cert. Works fine on my other sites. Dolphin? Dolphin won't render and the js console goes crazy with errors. Was just reading a conversation on the forums with one of your devs (I forget which) blatantly stating that Dolphin does not support SSL and won't. That was only a few months ago so can you please clarify see more this? I would love to get SSL working on our site but to the best of my knowledge Dolphin is not compatible so this post makes no sense?
Dolphin 7.1 is compatible with HTTPS, however it was some small fixes regarding HTTPS support in Dolphin 7.2, so it's better to upgrade to Dolphin 7.2 before moving site to HTTPS.

Most probably you didn't clear caches after applying HTTPS on your site, so you've got all these errors.
It's a perfect news! Thank you Boonex!
Nathan Paton
Please note the request to handle installs is for subscribers - that's Advanced +, Premium +, and Business + members. I've been handling some non-subscriber requests on Intercom, but do keep this in mind. BoonEx doesn't offer certificates, but there are hundreds of places to order one reliably and affordably, like GoDaddy, Enom, etc.

I've seen some Zarconia customers asking about this on Intercom, so I figure I'll also add this here that we include free installs of SSL certificates to our customers. see more So if you're hosted with us, just open a ticket, and we'll take care of it.
i am Advanced user, Do you mean you can install the SSL (i already purchased) for me ??
Nathan Paton
If you have Advanced + with a subscription, please reach out to BoonEx support and somebody will take care of this for you. Free SSL certificates are included with all plans.
Casal Pimenta
Purchased and installed certificate on my site in a few hours . BoonEx thank you for your support. Nathan did a great job.
Great news!

P.S. Looks like this image url needs switched to HTTPS:
Yes Dolphin totally friendly with ssl. Moved my site to https easy and very fast. Working pretty good. Thanks guys!
Hello Friends i Have Pakistani Chat Site Blog Is My SITE SSL Secure. I am asking Google mail about nonsecure login . :(
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