Nathan Paton
Please note the request to handle installs is for subscribers - that's Advanced +, Premium +, and Business + members. I've been handling some non-subscriber requests on Intercom, but do keep this in mind. BoonEx doesn't offer certificates, but there are hundreds of places to order one reliably and affordably, like GoDaddy, Enom, etc.

I've seen some Zarconia customers asking about this on Intercom, so I figure I'll also add this here that we include free installs of SSL certificates to our customers. see more So if you're hosted with us, just open a ticket, and we'll take care of it.
i am Advanced user, Do you mean you can install the SSL (i already purchased) for me ??
Nathan Paton
If you have Advanced + with a subscription, please reach out to BoonEx support and somebody will take care of this for you. Free SSL certificates are included with all plans.
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