VERY Happy to hear you and your family are OK!

Similar happened about 20 years ago in my childhood home. Late at night. Crackling sound. Appeared to be an intruder. Nope.

A fire had sparked in the basement and was moving upstairs thru the house VERY rapidly. So fast in fact, the main alarm box melted before it could go off.

Everyone got out though, including pets, in a matter of a minute.

Firemen came super quick and literally axed into the walls on the main floor to stop the fire from see more consuming the entire house.

All the neighbors were outside making sure everyone was ok.

It was eerie to walk thru several days later to see the vast damage & loss of "stuff."

Family was ok and that's all that mattered! Everything else got fixed or replaced over the next year or two.

Lessons learned here too. Glad you are all OK!!
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