As a business owner, I prefer the subscription model (which is the direction many companies big and small have headed towards).

As a customer, I still prefer one-off payments (but warming to subscription slowly).

That said, I've noticed a significant improvement in product development, interactivity & customer support since Boonex went subscription. It's as if new life has been breathed into the company.

I am much more comfortable NOW with Dolphin going forward than I was two years ago see more when I bought my first license. You guys really fell far behind the curve.

As has been stated above, I also believe Dolphin has the potential to blow the socks off of any competition.

My frustrations have been bugginess and antiquated versions of modules. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out. Unfortunately, I have no hair left to pull.

My members #1 biggest frustration is non-intuitiveness / the lack of ease of use (some find it limiting, complicated and confusing).

However, the trend is your friend. With each update, I am seeing noticeable improvements in the product.

If subscriptions can also improve the market, I'm all for it.

I've bought A LOT of extensions. Luckily, all the vendors I purchased from are awesome.

I just want the best product on the market & finally get ahead of the curve, whatever direction that means Boonex needs to go.
Andrew Boon
Yes, we are just extrapolating our own sentiment. We are getting a lot more motivation from seeing subscriptions base growing. With one-off payments when revenue doesn't cover expenses, you start questioning the need to invest in R&D, because you never know how the next month would pan out. With subscriptions - you know you're constantly growing, you can see how even small improvements reflect in numbers and you can predict revenue. This makes it more comfortable to invest time and money.
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