Andrew Boon
You should try 7.2.x. It is by all means a MUCH more polished product than 7.0. In fact 7.0 was a big core update that had to come out quite "raw". 7.1 and 7.2 were evolutionary and stabilised the platform significantly.

Also give our support a second chance. In last 4-5 months we have been attending to every single support request with an average response time of 6 hours. All through email and online chat.

And as for DolphinPro and Trident - we have announced before and re-confirmed see more a few times that if you have a license for Dolphin, even if you bought it for $99 or whatever - you will still forever be able to use DolphinPro or Trident without paying for the license again. It is a lifetime license, and it does cover all future versions and iterations. The new names are not for new licensing - they are for product differentiation and marketing purposes.
Dude, My support emails take about 2 or 3 days round trip just to get back to me.. and that's on trivial matters. I'm trying to evaluate this thing so we can actually buy a subscription for our club, but if I can't even get simple stuff handled, what's the point. We want to move to a paid membership setup, but I looked in the forums about it, and a request to fix this module (money maker for customers) is only met with impudence and a blasé attitude. It took you guys over 2 weeks to add Captcha see more to it. That kind of response is not a confidence builder for a customer that is deciding on if he should come back and try this new version.
Andrew Boon
Thank you for feedback. I've looked into your conversion with us. It is indeed going slower than most, because it is assigned to AlexT and he's a bit overloaded, bust still trying to fit it within 48 hours. Also, please check - there's an unanswered email we've sent you a few days ago.
You're fighting your corner well, Andrew. Kudos for that!
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