I will need some time to think through this suggested subscription model. Please also consider the following improvements to the marketplace :

1) Only products compatible with latest version should show up in search results.
2) You need to display on every product the last time the product vendor was online.
3) Maybe a built-in ticketing system that publicly displays number of answered tickets, unanswered tickets etc.
4) Ability for vendors to display when they are on vacation.
5) Ability see more to see all unread messages.
6) Add a button on each profile which when clicked will show the email history between both persons.
7) Ability to send mass announcements to all clients (maybe limit this to prevent abuse).
Andrew Boon
Thank you! Awesome suggestions. I'm adding them to our Market roadmap. The #1 though may come out differently though - we think about shifting towards built-in Stores inside Dolphin admin panel, which will check on what version it's running and display the modules accordingly.
This is a nice idea, but see my reply above as well.
I thought these Dolphin upgrades were supposed to show which modules need updating to stay compatible.
In regard to #1, this could/should be the default, but I would like to have the option of viewing them all. There are a few from reputable vendors that are not yet tested on the newest version that I am considering. Even if they don't work out of the box, I am a developer and capable of making changes if needed. Otherwise, I may find myself reinventing the wheel.
Good input from modzzz - one of the most reliable and hard-working vendors in the market.

I won't name the couple who I feel have let the community that supported them down.
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