There's clearly a case for both models. As long as the one-time fee is still available for both vendors/customers, and the subscription model isn't easy to pirate, then go for it. Also, let's stop with the "this is the demise of dolphin" talk. The software has come leaps and bounds with 7.2, and it's evident the team is working around the clock to continually improve it.
We agree. As we see it, vendors are being given an *additional* option of allowing customers to subscribe monthly to their module as a alternative to purchasing it. The buyers may subscribe for one or more months then switch to buying the module. All modules that are designed well should market well with subscriptions. Vendors that do NOT want to provide the subscription option at all, or wish to limit which modules will offer it, are free to choose what they believe is best for their business. see more Where subscriptions will probably do well is with the more expensive modules or combination of associated mid-priced modules. In other words, the lower priced "standalone" modules will likely be better left without subscriptions.

Essentially *all* (with rare exceptions) site builders have a restricted budget and their desire to purchased several expensive "high-impact" modules, and/or many useful mid-priced modules, soon becomes a process of deciding which ones to buy and which to leave on the wish list. With subscriptions, site developers can get more modules early on and spread their limited budget out so they don't deplete their bank account at the start.

As for the notion that Boonex wants to use subscriptions for profit, Andrew clearly stated "We would deduct a commission according to our costs (review and payment processing) - we don't intend this to be a for-profit component."
Andrew Boon
Well put. Some modules wouldn't be suitable for subscriptions at all, while other may only be viable for subscriptions models. Most would probably be fine with both, and vendors would be able to adjust pricing on both ends to reflect overhead and meet demand.
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