i already did the compiling language.... and still got the error....
the [L[Forum]] is not necessarily an error. its just asking that you compile the language file that you are goin to use. if you have made other adjustments as i did when i came acorss this same issue some time ago, then you may have possibly wigged the files where they are now rendered non-functional. that was what happened to me. i started messing around with all kinds of files, and realized that during my attempt at fixing this error, i basically created a problem for myself. i dumped the installation, see more and reinstalled after three months of trying to figure it out. i actually noticed this issue with the header and footer from 6.0.003 to 6.0.005.
i sent a ticket into victort, but his response was that nothing had changed between .0003 and 0005.

then of course we get 6.1 and 6.1.1 and everybody, not just one or two has the same problem. so there is something certainly changed, otherwise this would hav been evident in all of version 6.0.

totally, if you would let me test something, create me a subdomain on your server setup me up with shell access, i will install on th subdomain, and see if we are seein the same problems.

mrpowless said it gave him a fit as well, but he just kept striking at it, and finally the language compiled, does it say it failed to compile? it appears it reported to you that i failed to compile.

let me take a look and see if you want me to help you at all.

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