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<p>It was in March 2008 that I experienced one of the wildest orgasms I’ve ever had during my 38 years of active sex and numerous partners. <p>This passionate session has lasted for hours, with prolong foreplay, wild and physical sex, gentle and loving kissing and caressing, slow and sensual exploration of each and every crevice in both my body and my partners’, and atmosphere of familiarity, confidence and complete control. <p>Like with the orgies of the 70s, I did it with men and women alike, young, mid-age, old, skinny, and fat... who cared! They where all good for me and to me, and their lack of inhibition had taken me sky high. <p>Since then, I engage in this wild yet pure sex at least twice a day, both in my bedroom and in my office. I already have some routine partners, but a few newbies join in almost daily. <p>It’s like a bestseller; giving freedom to the wildest imagination, desires, and fetishes. It’s at your fingertips 24/7, and you put it aside whenever you wish – no apologies, excuses or even explanations necessary. <p>And the best part is that while I have a partner in my life, kids to educate and give example to, and social and business image to keep – there’s nothing about cybersex that takes me away from my moral values. I can be everything I want to be on the web and, then go back to my old self, relieved and satisfied. <p>This is what cybersex has become for me, and I want to share it all with you – for free and indiscriminately. I’m not afraid of sharing my sexual experiences with you because it is disease and pregnancy-free :-) <p>So <a href="">join me</a>, my hot friends, and don't forget to <a href="">suggest</a> anything that can make SeductioNet the best cybersex experience ever. <p>Please make sure to invite as many of your like-minded friends as possible; food and drinks are on me and the bigger the party the better. <p>Passionately your,<br /> <a href="">Shlomot</a>

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