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mstreetleft feedback on VisuLand2nd of December 2011
7.08 integration ?
Smartalkleft feedback on VisuLand12th of October 2011
Can anyone please tell me if Visuland still operating? I have tried to contact them twice via email, equiring to see if the have an updated module of Visuland that is compatible with Dolphin 7.0.7 as the one offered in the market is not.

JMThrasherleft feedback on VisuLand13th of June 2011
Looking for someone to pay fro help in setting this up for me.
Michael (919) 641-8772
i can set it up for you!
muneebleft feedback on VisuLand28th of April 2011
When This is Comming for D7.0.6
I try To install in 7.0.6 But it says Out of date Old version >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>??????????????
schizo1971left feedback on VisuLand30th of March 2011
Just wanted to say thx 4 this, it is great. I am also please with the fast response I have gotten when I had questions or needed help.
rickyrickyleft feedback on VisuLand5th of March 2011
I was gonna get this because it seemed really cool. So I joined the Visuland website to try it out, but it won't even work there or allow me to login, so why would it work on my own website? Scary.
skawaleft feedback on VisuLand30th of December 2010
A new version can be downloaded from (supports 7.0.4)
jyi123left feedback on VisuLand29th of November 2010
Installation is simple.
Loading Visuland requires to login at beginning.
Debugging with Visuland support team and replacing couple of files resolved the problem.
Now learning how to use Visuland, not too much experience to say at this time.
skawaleft feedback on VisuLand4th of November 2010
Visuland plugin for Dolphin 1.1.0 is out. It contains various bugfixes, support for 7.0.2 and the ability to preselect a room for the users.
gaylinqleft feedback on VisuLand23rd of October 2010
I followed the instructions on

Admin panel is returning:
Installation of: VisuLand Failed
-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script

I use Dolphin 7.0.2

Whats the problem?
The Visuland plugin for Dolphin requires version 7.0.3.
skawaleft feedback on VisuLand22nd of October 2010
The instructions can be found at:
bwcleft feedback on VisuLand21st of October 2010
tried uploading package, says wrong package format was in zip file. what are instructions, please?
hotstreakleft feedback on VisuLand14th of October 2010
where are the instructions?
skawaleft feedback on VisuLand11th of October 2010
Hi Hashemi,

Thank you for your comments. There ARE people out there willing to install plugins, IF you communicate that with them in advance. We're aware of the advantages of Flash -- but also aware of the disadvantages. As of now, it is simply impossible to create a Flash program with real 3D virtual reality that runs on commodity PCs.

All the best,

Balazs Benedek
Visuland Team
hashemileft feedback on VisuLand10th of October 2010
this mode failed browser security check. no good, waste of time.

you got to remember, these days, nobody will let a site to install an active x component on their computer. unless you are living in your own dream world. try to come up with a flash based mode, that does not require an active x component.. it has to be a server side application, otherwise it is no good. try to take some classes, and educate yourself.
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