Dolphin For Dummies

Dolphin For Dummies is intended to be a plain language guide to using Dolphin, Unity, and to answer the most basic and common questions regarding both. The guide will also cover in plain English, Licenses and how to obtain/find them. server settings like file and folder permissions, and the Dolphin administration panel, step by step guide to what each button does.

Unlike the rest of the Technical Documents that deal with Dolphin and installation, Dolphin For Dummies is written from my personal views and experience, it is intended to be a light hearted guide, so the reader does not become bored or feel swamped in geek speak, (besides i can't spell the big words), Any recommendations within Dolphin For Dummies, are my own personal recommendations, and not necessarily recommended by Boonex.

My writing style and humor will be noticed throughout Dolphin For Dummies, this is because for the last 7 years, i have written sexual health advice for 900,000 students, and over 5 million people have read my works. My writing style evolved to ensure they retain the information they are reading, and don't get bored with the technical language of medical books. (it works) Who am I? Sammie

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