Which Version To Choose & How To Download

Boonex is developing community software for over a decade, and, naturally, there many different versions, packages, and iterations of our products. All this may be frustrating, so it is a good idea to read this quick guide and understand what exactly you need to download and use.

The Latest Stable (currently - Dolphin 7.1.x)

This is THE file you need. The latest full release is the tested and officially approved build that is recommended for production sites. You can get it at Boonex Start Page. Dolphin 7.1.x line is the most popular, evolutionary iteration that is widely supported by many web hosting providers, 3rd party developers and designers. Most extensions in Boonex Market are designed for, or support the latest version of Dolphin 7.1.x.

Betas And Nightly Builds

Boonex development is easy to track. We maintain public SVN and you can download a current copy of development version. This, however is a risky thing to do - development versions are often broken, have known issues and are not ready for production sites. Using Nightly Builds is only recommended for experienced users and developers who want to know about current Dolphin development progress.

Just before official version update releases we often announce "beta" version releases. These are for testing purposes only. In some cases final version is identical to Beta, but version codes are different, so it is always a good idea to stick to "official" download for a production site. Beta versions are normally available for download for a short period of time and download links are given in the announcement blog posts.

The Old Dolphin (Dolphin 7.0.x, Dolphin 6 and older)

Although older versions are still widely used they are not supported and are not recommended for production sites. We recommend going for the latest version or updating your site if you're still using an old version. Old versions often have issues that have been addressed in newer versions, including important security and stability fixes.

The Future Dolphin (Dolphin 7.2 and on)

We continuously work on "next versions". Every time we release one there is an upgrade script and upgrade instructions, so don't wait. It may takes months, or years before the next big version update is available. Start with current stable and get involved, now!

The Dream Dolphin (Dolphin 8 - Sundance)

Dolphin 8 is a "lab" version that we work on for many years. It doesn't have a definitive release date and it is not a version to "look forward for". In fact, we gradually implement good ideas from Dolphin 8 to Dolphin 7. Even if it is released, eventually, it may not be a successor of Dolphin 7. Instead, it may be designed for different purposes, different kinds of websites, or even different way of using it. For the most part Dolphin 8 is an R&D project that serves as an inspiration for everyday development.

Mobile Apps

Normally, we release iOS and Android apps updates at about the same time and we give them same version numbers. Before public announcement we submit them to iTunes and Google Play to make sure they pass requirements and can be installed from the "Stores". Version numbering doesn't correspond to any Dolphin version numbers, but some features of new mobile apps versions may not work with older versions of Dolphin. Make sure to check compatibility and try to upgrade both Dolphin and Mobile Apps.

Source code of mobile apps can be downloaded only if you bought a Prime License. Download link appears in your Boonex Account in "Prime" section.

Anyone can download Boonex Mobile Apps for Dolphin from iTunes or Google Play. These are Boonex-branded apps, but they can be used to connect to any compatible Dolphin site. You can use and promote these apps on your site if you don't have your own mobile apps license.

Read more about Mobile Apps.

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