slashes \ in photo albums

Using 7.4.2

Dont know why im getting these slashes, can someone tell me how to get rid of them?

There are \\\ on the following pages and photo upload





 Upload photos


user\\\"s photos



user\\\"s cover photos


i tried making the changes below and it didnt change anything:


Edit the file administration\basic_settings.php


Look for this at about line 41


setParam('splash_code',  process_db_input($_POST['code'], CH_TAGS_VALIDATE));


Change it to this


setParam('splash_code',  clear_xss($_POST['code']));

Quote · 3 May 2021

What is listed in the admin section for the user's album names?  /m/photos/administration/settings

One slash is suppose to be there to show php that the quote (and you have two quotes, in English one apostrophe is used to show the possessive) is not part of code.

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Quote · 3 May 2021

thank you...i dont know how i even over looked that .... its corrected :)

Quote · 3 May 2021

hi, im still getting just 1 slash for new users in user albums:

 user\'s photos

user\'s cover photos



{nickname}\'s photos

{nickname}\'s cover photos


and on the photos home page the photo albums block isnt functioning, nothing goes there and just says: photo albums Empty ... is there somewhere else i should also be making changes, the database?

Quote · 16 May 2021

undo the changes and get used to the slashes.

everything else works.

Quote · 4 Jun 2021

I don't know what hosting you are using, etc.  However, I would remove the \ in the settings and see if it works properly; say you have member Jim; if it shows Jim's Photos after removing the \ then call it good.  If it throws an error, then we take it from there.

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