Attention: All Market VendorsZarcon started 18 Feb 2013 · Zarcon replied 18 Feb 2013I know this has been discussed before but if you sell products and/or services via the BoonEx market, please take a moment to...
Errors fixing procedures during upgradeAlexT started 6 Nov 2012 · AlexT replied 6 Nov 2012Errors fixing procedures during upgrade Errors shouldn't happen during upgrad...
Orders not automatically processedouttareach started 9 Apr 2013 · tvween replied 8 Jun 2016I am using 7.1 and testing through paypal sandbox and everytime I make an order it gets processed and comes back to a page th...
Too many spam members joining up. How to stop thisAnthonyOD started 4 Sep 2013 · AnthonyOD replied 4 Sep 2013I have a version of Dolphin 7.1 setup on a domain. The number of spam members signing up is driving me nuts. Is...
Video, Photo and Sound Upload issuestcpride started 25 Apr 2013 · AlexT replied 15 May 2013With complete new install of 7.1.1  I cannot switch the photo/video upload options from the flash option to regular,shoot or ...
Splash editEddie Gates started 29 Jul 2022 · Eddie Gates replied 3 Aug 2022V7.4.2 Having real problems editing front page splash through basic settings. Initial edit works fine and looks...
Deleting fields in member infoEddie Gates started 26 Jul 2022 · geek_girl replied 27 Jul 2022Hi all,
Cannot disable By Invitation settingrichmanfl started 12 Jul 2022 · richmanfl replied 12 Jul 2022I had originally setup the site to have BY INVITE only. But then disabled it, and it still registers an error saying the site...
HELP!! Membership Subscriptions RETURN BLANK PAGEAKATheJoker started 5 Apr 2022 · AKATheJoker replied 25 May 2022Help!! Can not go live!!! I have set my boonex dolphin 7.4.2 to only accept paying memberships when you press join.
ffmpeg processes limitnewton27 started 6 Jun 2014 · richmanfl replied 23 May 2022I the Flash setting for the video module, there is a setting for how many processes are run.  
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