FacebookLocales.xml error on 7.3.5 [FastComet]gracey started 6 May 2019 · gracey replied 18 May 2019Hello,    I have installed modzzz Premium Events module and after I successfully create an event and then click...
Cronjob: last cronjob execution time - Nonemrtn started 20 Sep 2018 · dolphin_jay replied 17 May 2019In this admin section: ..../administration/host_tools.php  at the cronjobs topic: 
Remove UNI from design list in template switchergeek_girl started 10 May 2013 · mrtn replied 15 May 2019First of all, the admin template should NOT BE DEPENDENT ON A SITE TEMPLATE! As everyone knows, the admin runs off of ...
How to Change the order in which photos are addedsebastian403 started 5 May 2019 · johnk42 replied 14 May 2019How to Change the order in which photos are added?  
Question to the admins; how many files changed?geek_girl started 6 May 2019 · demmy replied 10 May 2019Just how many files changed in the move from 7.3.5 to 7.4.x?  All of them?  Half of them?  I guess I could try to do a direct...
Modzzz Modules Not Working in 7.4.2?gary11 started 5 May 2019 · johnk42 replied 8 May 2019I tried to add several of Modzzz' modules into a fresh install of v7.4.2 and When I try to install them, the result  is a bla...
d 7.4.2 stock problem CHAT NOT WORKINGAKATheJoker started 3 May 2019 · geek_girl replied 3 May 2019using the latest version of PHP (x 64 7) and latest APACHE and MYSQL   I am getting major errors in the ...
Boonex, Please Fix the 7.4 releasegeek_girl started 28 Apr 2019 · geek_girl replied 2 May 2019As we know, the Dolphin 7.4 release is a huge mess.  7.4.0 had bugs, so a patch was released to fix them; 7.4.1.  Then bam, 7...
I wish to create a default Friends Only Albjohnk42 started 28 May 2018 · LeonidS replied 2 May 2019I wish to create a default Friends Only album for photos and videos, but photos are the most important. Each ...
Making Modules Compatible with 7.4.2geek_girl started 2 May 2019 · geek_girl replied 2 May 2019What is the list of things I need to do to make older 7.3.5 modules compatible with Dolphin 7.4.2?
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