custom.cssvoni started 25 Jun 2015 · Macfionn replied 21 Dec 2020hi I am trying to make a custom.css for my templates so I can remember where I made the changes but I can't get the te...
Change listing view of fields on Profile pageMacfionn started 12 Dec 2020 · demmy replied 17 Dec 2020I tried to find this in the .css, but couldn't
calendar extension isn't installed. -install errorMacfionn started 10 Dec 2020 · Macfionn replied 11 Dec 2020Im so SICK of boonex dolphin not able to even INSTALL properly!! Why in the HELL would I abandon the $1000's of dollars I've ...
Rocket.Chat won't start after upgradegeek_girl started 18 Nov 2020 · adultdate replied 5 Dec 2020I upgraded Rocket.Chat to latest version on CentOS 8 and now it fails to start.rocketchat[272728]: /opt/Rocket.Ch...
One user can't log in, just one usergeek_girl started 8 Nov 2020 · LeonidS replied 29 Nov 2020Dolphin 7.4.2 I have one user that can't log into the site; other users can log in.  I have reset the password and dou...
BxDolDb.php errorjqc21 started 11 Nov 2020 · LeonidS replied 15 Nov 2020I have an error that is keeping the site from loading. When I turned on full error to check it. This is where it is coming fr...
New Java Script in HeaderRusty started 4 Nov 2020 · Rusty replied 9 Nov 2020Hi. I need to insert a JS in the head section but it cause a clash with other JS function in Dolphin. Is there a way I...
Zarconiadivetrek started 5 Nov 2020 · IgorL replied 6 Nov 2020Hi, does anyone know if zarconia hosting is down, i can not access anything on there cpanel, client area, tickets , etc etc.
user profilesjqc21 started 15 Sep 2020 · jqc21 replied 28 Oct 2020When a user clicks a profile link for example    It gives this error: 
How to: Static background image?Eddie Gates started 3 Nov 2017 · alisa-porter replied 21 Oct 2020Hi all         D7.3.4 Is it possible without too much tech knowledge to upload a background image and for that ...
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