MailboxAmandus started 4 Dec 2018 · LeonidS replied 5 Dec 2018Hello dear Boonex people   I can no longer open or send mails in my mailbox.   Please fix as soon...
Several Questionsasscream started 30 Nov 2018 · johnk42 replied 3 Dec 2018Hello community, I have several questions which i have been unable to fine answers for in old forum posts, or replies ...
add field to group edit pagemlbs started 28 Nov 2018 · mlbs replied 30 Nov 2018is it possible to add another field to the group edit page like an html or duplicate of description block ? so when admin is ...
Profile pics not showing on cell phone or IpadAnnnalotta started 20 Nov 2018 · Annnalotta replied 30 Nov 2018When I am logged in on my site (from desktop PC), I can see the profile pics from other members. Given they have set a profil...
My boonex site is not loading without doing nothinbenjivds started 28 Nov 2018 · benjivds replied 28 Nov 2018Hi my boonex site stopped to work the tags <bx_include_css_styles /> <bx_include_css />   &l...
benjivds started 28 Nov 2018 · LeonidS replied 28 Nov 2018Hi,   my site stopped to work didn't made any upgrade and i have this tags <bx_include_js />
500 error when saving article or newsdarkbread started 26 Nov 2018 · darkbread replied 26 Nov 2018Hi   When I'm trying to update and save an article or news I got an 500 error like this.
Database error - photosMayki started 23 Nov 2018 · Mayki replied 26 Nov 2018Hi,  I started to receive a lot of emails about Database error This is what error is about:  
html5 chat by rayzdupek66 started 19 Nov 2018 · geek_girl replied 20 Nov 2018Just purchase the html5 chat by rayz. try to install and come with db error. Even the boonex market site said that is compati...
Help installing Modules please julie2018 started 18 Nov 2018 · geek_girl replied 18 Nov 2018I bought two modules and the hosting is saying the keep coming up with errors . Can someone plese help me install them please...
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