Privacy Concerns with Video Thumbnails


My community is for registered members only but I've notice that non-members can access video thumbnails via the following link. They can not play the video but they can view thumbnails.


Any ideas how I can stop this? I already have page blocks set for member access only (no guest access) and there is no access for non-members so why is this?


Thanks in advance for any ideas, tips, suggestions.

Quote · 12 Apr 2022

Hello callum!


By default, the video browse page isn't available in the page builder. So if it's OK for you to hide all albums from the guests then add the following lines to the inc/classes/BxDolFilesModule.php:


if (isLogged() == false)



before this part of the code there:


$bAlbumView = false;
        if ($sParamName == 'album' && $sParamValue1 == 'owner') {
Quote · 13 Apr 2022

@LeonidS - Thank you this code change worked for me Smile

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