Photo album thumbnail size to small1

Where do you change that at? 

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Quote · 30 Dec 2012

it depends on the photo size you are uploading, you can try make changes in


Width of photo browse unit (in pixels):
Height of photo browse unit (in pixels):

Quote · 30 Dec 2012

10 Years Later :-) Anyone know where I can change the photo album thumbnail on the profile page. Not the actual photo but the album thumbnail where users can quickly flick through the photos using the arrows. Cheers.

Quote · 14 Jan 2022

Hello callum!

You may try to change the max-width parameters for the div.sys_album_unit_wrp.bx_photos_album_unit_wrp and div.bx_photos_album_unit div.sys_album CSS classes. The default set you may find in the modules\boonex\photos\templates\base\css\browse.css class

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