Simple Messenger Location

Member's are reporting that Simple Messenger Chat Windows open up on the right side of the browser window.

How can I have these Simple Messenger Chat Windows open up on the Left side of the browser window?

Thanks in advance.

Quote · 14 Apr 2022

Hello callum!


Do you mean this area (red border in the attached screenshot)?


simple_mess.jpg · 155K · 99 views
Quote · 15 Apr 2022

Yes :-) 

Quote · 15 Apr 2022

Well, then it will require to move the menu which opens the chat too. If you will get several messages from the different users then how Dolphin should open all of them form the left side?

Quote · 18 Apr 2022

Good point LeonidS. Thank you. Callum.

Quote · 29 Apr 2022
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