Cronjob: last cronjob execution time - Nonemrtn started 20 Sep 2018 · LeonidS replied 24 Sep 2018In this admin section: ..../administration/host_tools.php  at the cronjobs topic: 
Category vs. Groupdagyde started 22 Sep 2018 · ProfessorSr replied 22 Sep 2018Hello.   What does a Category do? I thought a Category was a Group, so I created a bunch of Categories. Turns o...
New Installbbconnect started 11 Sep 2018 · LeonidS replied 17 Sep 2018When running .../install/index.php get the message - This page inst working. Version 7.3.5   Ive chmoded and ch...
After PayPal payment is Made for membership . . .aeustudios started 13 Dec 2017 · LeonidS replied 14 Sep 2018I have it setup where there is no free standard membership.  Once a subscriber makes PayPal payment, they are not redirected ...
Timeline on Home page and Post to Timelineliberator1 started 11 Sep 2018 · liberator1 replied 12 Sep 2018I have spent two days search the forums with no clear solution. Problem: After installing a new module and thro...
Adding RSSTheMagnetGroup started 14 Jun 2015 · TravelNotes replied 11 Sep 2018I'm trying to add RSS to my page.  Instead of adding some of the article with a pic(thumbnail), it adds the entire article wi...
Timeline Wall Issue HomepageSocialKicks started 3 Sep 2018 · LeonidS replied 10 Sep 2018Hi everyone!   I am trying to figure out why my Timeline stopped displaying user's timeline activity on the "Ho...
Enable PHP Blocksnedsholdings started 2 Sep 2018 · LeonidS replied 10 Sep 2018Hi.  Could someone tell me how to enable php blocks, please?   Thanks!
Dolphin 7.3.4 to Dolphin 7.3.5 upgradeMichael Alldritt started 30 Aug 2018 · johnk42 replied 9 Sep 2018Hi I attempted the upgrade a few days ago and it crashed my website. All the folders except the upgrade folder has con...
Facebook Connect modulematp started 4 Sep 2018 · AlexT replied 7 Sep 2018I am using 
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