forgot password

I forgot my pass word and I cant reset it cause for some reason the captha thing is not working what do I need to so to reset it I am using the 7 series ?

Quote · 9 Mar 2023

If you're the site administrator, you can't usually reset your password using the Forgot Password feature on the Login form. That's only for members.

As the administrator, it's essential you nevet forget your password. 

This post explains how to do it.

It may be easier for you to take a deep breath and try to remember the password.

If you find it too difficult, PM me. I can probably do it for you.


Quote · 10 Mar 2023

Did not work, I will just reinstall it, I did not have anything on it any way also getting other errors after I made change I tried the forgot pass word option and now I get 500 error thank any way

Quote · 10 Mar 2023
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