How to reset Dolphin.Pro admin password?

Have you forgotten your admin password? This is not a problem. Solution may be a little bit technically involved, but the good news is that it can be done!

First, just try using "Forgot password" link on your site's login box. If that doesn't work, read on...

Use the following  steps to reset admin password...

1. Access your hosting control panel (like cPanel). 

2. Go to phpMyAdmin. Find "Profiles" table and your admin profile row in it. Generally it would have ID1.

3. Edit these fields to:

: 2835d734b7f01616bf43efcaa2115504a6231d3a
Salt: YjEyNDFk

4. Now delete user1.php from the "cache" folder on the server. 

You can also use this to reset other users passwords as well as long as you know the ID. Just change the number 1 in the above instructions to the ID of the member your resetting the password of.

As a result, you should be able to login with xxxxx as password. when you are logged in change the password via admin panel.

Quote · 28 Aug 2015

Just had a problem with Admin passwords - tried this solution - it did not work, dunno why.


Email reminder, did not work either.


So, what did work?

I use several accounts that are user level accounts. For some reason these logins worked.


I have NO IDEA why we had this problem and therefore no idea why ordinary accounts were unaffected.


I chose an ordinary account for which I had the login. I went to phpmy admin, as above. I selected the target account by doing a search for the user ID in phpmyadmin. Then I changed the role of the account to Admin. To do this I clicked 'Edit' for the chosen record. I scrolled down the record page that opened up until I found the line 'Role'. The value displayed is '1', I changed this to '3', scrolled down the page and clicked the 'GO' button which saved my change.


Now, I logged into the edited account, went to the members panel, ran a search for the admin accounts from the usernames overview search box. Clicked on the member in the resutls box and from the profile admin page that opened up I changed the password to a new one.Saved the change and exited.


To test I logged out of Admin and re-logged in using the edited account and new password.


Bingo, it works.


I guess that if all else fails and one does not have a handy user level account with a working password one could simply set up a new user account and then upgrade it in phpMyAdmin as I described above.


Hope that helps. ;)


Quote · 19 Sep 2015


Just had a problem with Admin passwords - tried this solution - it did not work, dunno why.


There's no reason it shouldn't work.... I checked the math.


sha1(md5(xxxxx)  . YjEyNDFk) = 2835d734b7f01616bf43efcaa2115504a6231d3a

The only way it doesn't work, is if you made a mistake when you cut and pasted the encrypted password and salt.  My best guess is that when you cut and pasted, a space crept in at the end of one or both of the values.

If anyone wants to use the more simpler method outlined by Mr. BoonEx, it will work just fine.  Just make certain that the values you paste into the password and salt fields in your Profiles table don't have an added space at the beginning, or at the end.  This stuff is an exact science.... there's no 'close enough'.

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Quote · 8 Oct 2015

I got locked out of my dolphin site.  The 'forgot password' link did not work because the ReCAPTCHA was not working.

I looked on Google and found this page.  The instructions worked great and I was able to get back in.



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