BxDolInstaller::BxDolInstaller() error instal mods

I am getting that notorious error message when ever i try to install modules that i have gotten today march 17 2022 from the module venders that all say their mods are 7.4.2 compatible. Here is an example of the errors i am getting. This similar error with  BxDolInstaller::BxDolInstaller() is happening on more then 14 modules i want to install into dolphin 7.3.2 I have no idea what will fix it. could someone look at the error and write up a fairly simple and detailed how to fix it reply??? here is the error message upon installing any module that yields similar error messages. i have access to the servers php.ini. thank you my website might recover.


An uncaught exception was thrown


Type Error
Message Call to undefined method BxDolInstaller::BxDolInstaller()
File E:\Roaring.Biz_Server\htdocs\modules\andrew\gifts\install\installer.php
Line 15


#0 E:\Roaring.Biz_Server\htdocs\inc\classes\BxDolInstallerUi.php(560): AGiftsInstaller->AGiftsInstaller(Array)
#1 E:\Roaring.Biz_Server\htdocs\inc\classes\BxDolInstallerUi.php(384): BxDolInstallerUi->_perform(Array, 'install')
#2 E:\Roaring.Biz_Server\htdocs\administration\modules.php(64): BxDolInstallerUi->actionInstall(Array)
#3 {main}


Quote · 17 Mar 2022

The modules are not compatible. You really will not get someone to do what you are asking for free so you should contact the vendors again and ask them to provide updated versions of the modules. Apart from that error, there could be other aspects of the modules that need to be updated.

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Quote · 17 Mar 2022


I may suggest that you need to change the next fragment in the installe.php file of this mod which looks like:

function AGiftsInstaller($aConfig)





to this one:


function __construct($aConfig)




Quote · 18 Mar 2022

When you look at the market; you may see 7.4.2 listed where there is a drop down.  However, that does not mean the module is compatible.  The marketplace defaults to that on modules.  What you have to do is to click on the drop down, choose a previous version and click on it.  Then you can click on 7.4.2 and find out if the module is compatible.  This is a bug in the marketplace.

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Quote · 25 Mar 2022

You mentioned your site was 7.3.2, you need to install the module version compatible with 7.3.2.  Most vendors will package several different versions of their modules in the same zip.  So you have to upzip the module, find the one compatible with your version, and maybe unzip again and upload that version to your site being sure to follow the installation instructions included with the module.

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