Attention: All Market Vendors

I know this has been discussed before but if you sell products and/or services via the BoonEx market, please take a moment to review the material below. There have been some growing complaints that I feel needs to be re-addressed once again. A detailed version of the Market Terms will be provide at the bottom of the post.


Key Notes:

1. When posting a product please make sure that your description, features, and version compatibilities are clearly stated.

2. Vendors should always have a 'forum' topic for questions or support related issues and added into the product listing page. (There is an option to add a link to your topic). This gives the clients or potential buyers a place to ask questions without having to post them in the product review area.

3. If there are other ways you can provide support (external email, IM client, etc.) then feel free to add that as well.

4. If you do not have the ability and/or time to support your market product, it's best that you do not post it at all.

5. You are not allowed to advertise products here at BoonEx for a specified price and direct potential buyers (within the product description) to visit/join your own personal website to buy it for less.


Click for a detailed version of BoonEx's Market Terms

Click for BoonEx Rules


Required: If you need to edit your existing products to comply with these terms, then do so at your most earliest convenience.

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