Too many spam members joining up. How to stop this

I have a version of Dolphin 7.1 setup on a domain.

The number of spam members signing up is driving me nuts.

Is there a way that I can close off membership and make it by invitation only?

4 Sep 2013

There are many threads on this and several modules in the market. Just do a search and pick a solution that works best for you.

4 Sep 2013

Anthony, In the top right corner use the magnifying glass icon and search for "Human question". Check out Deanos tool for spam if you like and make sure you are using Captcha and confirm email.

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4 Sep 2013

I have a spam filtering mod that stops most all spam.

There are also solutions in the forums.
4 Sep 2013

The best way to stop spambots from signing up is by using recaptcha and email confirmations. It is not perfect but it is a first step.

I also released my Bot Stopper module yesterday which is very effective in banning spambots that already signed up. I wrote it for a customer who's site was infected with bots causing the site to go down, sometimes several times an hour.

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4 Sep 2013

The easiest and 100% working protection for me  was simple security question.

I have been using this protection for more than a year now, and no spam at all.

And it is free. Wink




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4 Sep 2013
Many thanks for your inputs. I have set up the Human check so I'll see how that works. I have also set it up to be 'by invitation only' in the advanced profile setting. I did have the recaptcha and email confirmation in place. Hopefully these measures in combination will be effective. Thanks a lot. Its good to know there are people out there to support other less experienced users.
4 Sep 2013
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