ARE YOU GETTING THIS - Samo mali opis o meni 25 znakova

Samo mali opis o meni 25 znakova


Thats whats posted in the description box of latest spammers. Most emails seem to be .pl

Ive blocked Poland which is .pl but they still keep coming.

Ive blocked the IP in admin but they still keep coming...


They are manual sign ups as they put different stuff in the page 'headline' and confirm emails.

Anyone else getting this?

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Need help  :( can you help me ?

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mikkal95, hijacking other peoples threads isn't going to solve your problem. We explained on your other thread that you can't run Dolphin on a free webhost.

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It a spammer from Croatia. Later on he will come back and paste info advertising places in Croatia...i dont get why they dont use site, blogs or forums to post those....

I forgot...."Samo mali opis o meni 25 znakova" means " Just a little description of me 25 characters".

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I guess this is what happens when you spam from   see here: - Skype: Dolphin Techs
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I am getting the same thing.  Every single day, I delete 2 or 3.


Anybody know how to stop this?

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I too am getting this...ip block doesnt solve it, I have to manually delete each profile 3-4 times a day or they post spam.


any ideas guys?

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