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I'm trying to add RSS to my page.  Instead of adding some of the article with a pic(thumbnail), it adds the entire article with NO pic (thumbnail).  Is there a fix for this.

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did you ever get an answer to this?

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Hi all!


Just to be sure - do you insert the RSS links via Page Blocks? If yes, then provide me via may the examples of your RSS URLs.

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I could never figure out what that is with Page Blocks so I finally invested in Premium-rss-feeds and it works very well for. I am a super novice at all of this and need to keep it simple.

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I use RSS links via page blocks for general purpose feeds; pulling links from our own RSS aggregator that collects feeds into categories, much like Google Reader used to do.

I also like to display the whole article with pictures as it auto populates content on our pages.

For more specific feeds, I use RSS Feed for Modules by modzzz.

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