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This is the support forum for the "Advanced Social Sharing" module.

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Quote · 24 Sep 2017

The mod description says this allows for points, but the zip file doesn't contain the usual sqlpoints.php file. Would you check on that please? It would be a nice incentive to boost sharing.

7.3.5 with responsive UNI
Quote · 17 Mar 2018

No sqlpoints.php is needed as the module is automatically integrated with Points upon installation.

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Quote · 18 Mar 2018

Hi Modzzz,


I bought and installed the Advanced Social Sharing Mod but there is a problem. As you can see on the screenshot attached to this post, the mod is self sharing stuff or maybe got spammed. I don't know what is going on. Every day there are stuffs being shared and published in the Social share stats block on the home page.

My site is new with no activity, nothing has been shared yet, but in few day only, the mod has shared 2078 links and some links are about Philippines etc as you can see on the screenshot. If you switch to another account (log in with another tester account) the profile icon in Social share stats block on the home page also changed as if it was that new account that shared those links.

This problem looks similar to the Spam problem that Dophin was having with its feedbak module and all the fake registrations and comments on the site. I implemented all the anti-spam tips provided in this forum and the problem stopped. 

Please can you fix this problem with the Advanced Social Sharing module?

Thanks in advance.

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Quote · 14 Mar 2019

@DigitZup - PM me your site URL

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Quote · 14 Mar 2019

Yep. I have PMed it to you.

Also when I click on the 'View all' link in the Social share stats block on the home page I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method BxMShareModule::isAllowedBrowse() in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolTwigModule.php on line 451

Quote · 14 Mar 2019

Dolphin 7.4 version is released. Also for Dolphin 7.3, the module is updated. Please do a reinstall.

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Quote · 15 Mar 2019

Thanks a lot for the fix. I have reinstalled it.Cool

Quote · 15 Mar 2019
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