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Hello Everyone, My younger sister is in the final year and I am helping here to build PHP based project. I am confused to choose the right and simple project between PHP blog website, music management system, student management system, and photo editor. Can anyone suggest me which is more simple and easy to build?

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I don't know why you would come into a social platform to ask this question.  However, the simplest of the project listed would be the PHP blog website or the photo editor.  The PHP blog website would require MySQL coding so you might want to go with a photo editor.  The question is does the PHP coding need to be 100% your sister's code?  In other words, is she prohibited from using open source libraries?  If so, then it might be more involved to write the libraries needed for the image manipulations.  She will need to code the interface; unless it can be completely command line, as well as the libraries to do such things as rotate the image, crop the image, change contrast, change brightness.  I would probably go with the PHP Blog Website; the front end would be pulling out the current blog post and displaying it; along with perhaps older posts.  The backend would be an area for creating new posts which get saved to the database.

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I'd be inclined to tackle a small club management system because she could start with a simple Address Book and build other modules from there. I'm in several small clubs and a simple system with add-on modules doesn't exist.  The only thing I could find was "TidyHQ" which is web based and costs money. 

The basic or core module could be the Membership List. That in itself can use a Relational Database. Three items are essential:

1. A decent search facility

2. Reports in various formats

3. Bulk Emailing

I designed a similar Club Management system using Appgini.

Unfortunately Appgini doesn't do reports or bulk emails. Also the search facility could be better.

I then added modules, the most important being an Inventory and that's another great stand-alone PHP project you could design.

Another module was fund raising. Where did the activity take place, the members involved, the hours they worked and the cost/income.

My reason for suggesting this kind of project is because Blogs and Photo editors are a dime a dozen. If I was about to design something, I'd look at the potential market and look outside the square. There is a need for a small club management system and if it's good enough your daughter could sell it for a few dollars.

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