Adyen Vs PayPal

Greetings All, I'am sure some of you heard about eBay divorcing payPal and partnering with an European company called Adyen - I was wondering if Adyen can be integrated with Dolphin similar to payPal or this is something Boonex will add at later time.. 

You can see the announcement at:


Quote · 11 Feb 2018

Paypal is actually owned by ebay, or at least it was. The transition is an interesting one, but it's a very long way off for most of us. Paypal will continue to be a payment option so it shouldn't affect me. 

As far as Dolphin goes, your decision should be based on what payment gateway most of your users employ. I've never heard of AdYen and I'm not likely to sign up until I absolutely have to. Hopefully never. I'm inclined to think that anyone who goes with Adyen will probably stay with Paypal as well.

Quote · 12 Feb 2018
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