After PayPal payment is Made for membership . . .

I have it setup where there is no free standard membership.  Once a subscriber makes PayPal payment, they are not redirected back to site to create their profile.  So I'm  trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.


On the Payment Module my settings are:

"active" is checked

"live" mode

"direct" process type

nothing in identity token and nothing in sandbox.


Once subscriber orders, it does show up on the "Pending Orders", however the subscriber is not taken back to the website to create profile after payment.


ALSO, the 'pending orders' page has a place for me to enter "Order ID"  Where do I get that?


If someone has a link to refer me to answers, it would be appreciated.

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Does anyone have instructions on how to get the subscriber back to site after they pay?  How do they create their profile after they pay on PayPal?

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I can't remember how I set it up, but is there a link you need to add in PayPal?

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For Direct, the user needs to click the button at PayPal to return to the site - otherwise, Dolphin won't know that the transaction was completed. That's why the order stays pending in Dolphin - it knows the user was taken to PayPal, but doesn't know if they carried through with the payment or not.


The best way to avoid this issue is to use PDT or IPN with PayPal's API. This is available for upgraded and Business PayPal accounts. PayPal will then notify Dolphin via the API whenever there's a payment, so the user won't need to directly return to the site from PayPal.

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I have used pdt. After payment, the user returned to site with a message successful. 

When admin clicks process in orders by clicking respective payment, the 'process' button not working or not processing. What could be reason?

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What is order id in payments in admin?

After paypal, the member with payment appearing in orders?

But after clicking process, it asks 'fill in order id'

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Please specify some points from your problem.

If this part works:

I have used pdt. After payment, the user returned to site with a message successful. 

Then why need to do this part:

admin clicks process in orders by clicking respective payment

and please specify how

'process' button not working

About order id - this is a field for the quick identification of the order. Usually, it fills automatically, but if payment is processed manually then admin inserts any code which is comfortable for him.

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Please see the image attached.

Its not manual. Its automatic through paypal.

But, that is not filling automatically.

So, does it require some random order number (any comfortable number)?

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This looks like the setup in PayPal account wasn't completed according to this manual


Did you made all changes for PDT as described?

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