AndrewP F-Chat - part 2

Quote · 7 Apr 2014

Something weird I've noticed today, my site thinks your module is attacking me, this is the email I got (one of many), do you know what's going on?

secusecurity attack was stopped! ~ subject line


Total impact: 5<br/>
Affected tags: xss, csrf<br/>
Variable: COOKIE.memberSession | Value:
Impact: 5 | Tags: xss, csrf<br/>
Description: Detects JavaScript location/document
property access and window access obfuscation |
Tags: xss, csrf | ID: 23<br/>
SCRIPT_NAME: /modules/index.php
PHP_SELF: /modules/index.php
Quote · 7 Apr 2014

Hi LikesDumbBimbos,

I think that you can ignore this message. Yes, the fact is that this is used to check for new messages (it executes periodically), thus, you can ignore this warning

Quote · 30 May 2014

Hi, can you advise on how to disable the Dialogs menu floating button on mobile view? Can you also add a space in the chat now side slide out menu, the yellow chat bubble button is very close to the edge on mobile view?

Thanks a lot and for a great mod. I look forward to additional features and updates Cool

Btw, do i need to uninstall the Boonex flash chat?

Quote · 23 Oct 2014

Hello everybody, I prepared basic responsive styles that you can apply (put into private.css) to use on mobile devices:

@media (max-width: 800px){
  .priv_dock_wrap_sessions {
  .slideout_inner {
  .profiles div img.pchat {
    right: 15px;
Quote · 20 Nov 2014

>Btw, do i need to uninstall the Boonex flash chat?

Yes, you can (in case if you don't use it)

Quote · 20 Nov 2014

Andrew so from my understanding, by adding that code, those that have F-chat can now use it on the mobile app?

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Quote · 21 Nov 2014

Yes, it will apply some responsive rules for small screens (smaller interface sizes)

The list of new improvements (v 2.1.1):
* Fancybox for pictures (photo gallery)
* Possibility to clean history of private messages

(upgrade instruction is added in the package)

Quote · 14 Jan 2015

How can I update the module with these functions? And did you received my e-mail send yesterday?

Quote · 14 Jan 2015

I am posting this now cause i been playing around with this mod after it was upgraded by Andrew during my time on the east coast which was close to 3am. I did not have a problem with his mod, it was just that i had asked him that i think my mod was an old version however it worked perfectly for me and my users. I had told him him, it's cool no biggie if this mod gets updated at another time, cause keep in mind it worked perfect for me, but he insisted to upgrade it and kept me updated every step of the way and most of the time it was either me emailing him, it's cool bro no worries it can wait, and he reply's i can do it quick. Well to make a long story short he convinced me and completed the upgrade and explained to me via email what was the difference between my version and new version. This developer is very professional and cares about his clients. That is a HUGE key in business!!! Thanks bro, great addition!!!!

Everyday is a new beginning.
Quote · 16 Jan 2015

We had the same situation. We liked some customization and Andrew did it excellent for a good price. Excellent support and expertise!!!

Quote · 16 Jan 2015

hi, i want to know if i can mange section, i want only members that are online

i also wanna know if i there is online member counter and if not this will be nice upgrade


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Quote · 6 Apr 2015

This is possible to manage with sections (Online friends / Online members / My friends / Last members) in settings of the module.

Today the module was updated for dolphin 7.2.0

Quote · 2 Sep 2015

Hi, I installed f-chat module without any problem but this not working. In home page i have only this what is in pictrue. 

Quote · 17 Oct 2015

The module is updated for dolphin 7.3.0

With regards to the last error, did you notice it on your custom template only? Did you try to switch to UNI/EVO template (just for testing) ?

Quote · 16 Mar 2016

Hello andrew i want to change emoticons on the chat is it possible ? 

Quote · 19 Apr 2016

How can I add a sound wave when someone sends a message in the FChat?

Quote · 9 May 2016

Hello Andrew,


                 I purchased the F-Chat, and it is only working on the Account view page, and the menu bar as well. Please check your "PM", I have sent you additional info...


Thank you

Quote · 5 Dec 2016


Yes, it is possible to change the default emotions set. All current smiles are in smiles.png.

With regards to the sound, as I remember, I implemented it, open 'modules\andrew\fchat\js\priv_chat.js' file, and search for using of 'oIncSnd' variable in this file. It is commented on lines 621 and 622, try to uncomment it.

2 Lanay: I've recently started answering you, you should receive my help soon

Quote · 6 Dec 2016

I have a few questions:

  • I noticed with the images you have to type something and then send in order for the picture to send. Is anyone else having this issue? Three of us tested it and the same thing happened.
  • Will uninstalling Simple Messenger break this module?
  • Is there a way to change the font? 

Thank You!

Quote · 1 Feb 2017

If anyone has any ideas. I am using responsive theme for Boonex, but certain pages it will block the chat. I tried reducing content on pages, but this can be a hassle. Any ideas would be awesome :) 

Quote · 11 Mar 2017

The error I have been getting is this:

Uncaught TypeError: $.fancybox.init is not a function
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_a1e85f7….js:1409)
    at i (gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_8525ada….js:4)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_8525ada….js:4)
    at Function.ready (gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_8525ada….js:4)
    at HTMLDocument.K (gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_8525ada….js:4)

It happens on the blog page, account page depending on how full the page is with content it seems. Been waiting awhile for a response from Andrew he is probably busy. Any ideas or thoughts be appreciated.

Quote · 24 Mar 2017

So I figured out the solution to my last problem. Still no reply since March lol. It was the built in Boonex Blog plugin giving me a problem. Whenever I had blogs with photos it would cause the bar to cut off. I ended up reinstalling Blogs and it worked and now using a different blog plugin. It makes sense since blogs uses fancybox. It may have been been when installing an update, but glad it fixed the issue :) 

Quote · 6 Jun 2017

Will this be updated for 7.3.5 ???

Quote · 29 Apr 2018

I think Andrew P went away.. . 

Quote · 22 Jan 2019

Any working demo page for this module?

Quote · 1 May 2019
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