AndrewP - Photo Tags addon for Boonex Photos

AndrewP "Photo Tags addon for Boonex Photos" support thread is here.

product itself located at:

Quote · 7 Aug 2011

This module has been updated. It is available for Dolphin 7.1 now.

Quote · 27 Dec 2012

New features (v 2.0.2):
* new membership action to control the opportunity to add photo tags

Quote · 7 Mar 2014

Not sure yet how much I like this module.

- when viewing a photo of a bunch of people, how are you supposed to know who's who?  There is a list on the right of the people who are tagged but when you hover your mouse over their names, nothing happens.

- what are the stars at the left of each members' names for? Are they simply to serve as bullets? They have a white background, should be transparent.

- tagging someone did not show up in "latest activity" / "spy" - is it supposed to?


Quote · 14 Jun 2014

Well if I had followed the installation instructions properly I would have seen that hovering member names DOES label the tags on the photo!!

Would be nice if tagging showed in spy :)

Quote · 14 Jun 2014

This mod is fabulous, loving it now :)

The only problem is with handhelds - the functionality of moving around the initial box/square for tagging is completely lost.  It can't be moved and it can't be resized.  Is there any way to make it work for handhelds?  To be able to move the square without resizing it would be sufficient.

Quote · 18 Jun 2014

Today the module was updated for dolphin 7.2.x

Quote · 8 Dec 2015



I have purchased this for use with Dolphin 7.3.3


When pressing the set tag button I get the option to create a tag but the picture doesn't show (see screenshot below).  I have tried this in Firefox and Chrome, as well as with all the Default templates.


What have I done wrong?






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