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Quote · 15 Aug 2012

Hello AndrewP,

Unfortunately for me, the image is not loaded.
There is only one window with "loading image" but nothing is happening?

Please Help


Quote · 19 Oct 2012

Hello wolf2009,

If you could send me your website details (by PM with login credentials as an ordinary user) - I can check it at your side.

My regards.

Quote · 20 Oct 2012

'Photo editor' has been updated. It is available for Dolphin 7.1 now.

Quote · 10 Dec 2012

'Photo addon for Boonex photos and Events' has been updated. It is available for Dolphin 7.1 now. Now, it doesn't require any manual changes to install (in case of Dolphin 7.1.0)

Quote · 23 Dec 2012

How can I get the editor to open in a new window so users don't feel like they have left my site. Also it is better to keep my site in separate window so if a user closes the editor browser window they, they will have to close out the site separately.

Quote · 20 Apr 2013

I receive an error when trying to edit a Photo in the default Boonex photo module using Mozilla and 7.1.3.

An error has occurred, please try later!

[IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2124"]

Also, its a good idea to make it open in a new window/tab instead of in the same window.Easy Fix, let me know.

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Quote · 17 Jun 2013

I'll add this possibility to open it in a new tab instead of the same window, thank you for this hint.

Regarding that error .. it is strange, I can recommend that you re-upload all the source files of this module in binary mode (not in text or auto modes). In the result, you should get exactly the same behavior as on my online demo (without any errors).

Quote · 19 Jun 2013

Thank you Andrew for your help. just want to mention when uninstalling the module and reinstalling with FTP in Binary mode, the pictures that were in the group folder disappeared. Not really an issue with how new the module is on my site, but when it gets used and there are hundreds of pictures, it would be an issue. Any updates should warn that uninstalling the module and reinstalling it that pictures may get lost. I would have thought that the pictures would be stored in the database. Perhaps my situation is different then others. Question I have is should this have happened or is it specific to my site? 

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Quote · 24 Jun 2013

Hi Itsawhiz,

It sounds strange, because when you uninstall the module, no files are deleted from the host at all.
By and large - all photos are in the directory modules\boonex\photos\data\files\

Pictures are not stored in the database, but the information about the pictures - yes. No image could be deleted from the mentioned folder (as well as information) when you have uninstalled this module.

I suppose that this is something that is specific only for your website

Quote · 13 Sep 2013

Version 2.0.1:

* 'Express' editing mode was added

Quote · 13 Sep 2013

It's a pleasure dealing with Andrew, he resolved all issues immediately. The ability for our members to edit photos and images has created a much needed option for members. Now they can easily change the look or even create new images that are not found anywhere on the internet. If your members use or download many photos this program is a must have resource for them. A simple edit button takes the photo to the editor and once finished editing they have the option to either download to their computer or replace the existing photo on the site.

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Quote · 13 Sep 2013

Andrew, if updating from previous version, does this require full reinstall or just a few files?

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Quote · 13 Sep 2013

I recommend that you to reinstall it completely. Because there is one additional entry for the database.

Quote · 14 Sep 2013

New features (v 2.0.2):
* choice of galleries (in the settings module photos)
* additional block at single photo view page

Quote · 7 Mar 2014

Hi Andrew, can the new update be saved over the previous files or do I need to uninstall & reinstall this module?

Quote · 9 Mar 2014

The easiest way us to reinstall it, however it is also possible to upgrade your version. You just need to compare both install.sql files (the last version from the package and your current version), and make a list of changes (SQL). Then, you will need to apply these changes, and then you only need to refresh the source files of the module.

The module doesn't have any own content, so it would be more easy just to reinstall it (you will not lose anything).

Quote · 18 Mar 2014

Today the module was updated for dolphin 7.2.0

Quote · 14 Oct 2015

Andrew.  When are you going to make this compatible with 7.3 and responsive?

If its not responsive then technically, its not 7.3 compatible.

Right now, for all users who bought this AND upgraded to 7.3 and using the responsive templates, we cant use this! :(

Quote · 23 May 2016
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