AndrewP templates - part 2

Quote · 8 Jan 2015

The dolphin is made that it sends every error log to your email (to the email that you put during the first dolphin installation).

Did you receive by email these errors? If you missed this part somehow, here is another way how you can see these errors:

1) Open 'inc\classes\BxDolDb.php' file

2) Change

define( 'DB_FULL_DEBUG_MODE', false );


define( 'DB_FULL_DEBUG_MODE', true );


Then, refresh the page and you will see a particular database error

Quote · 8 Jan 2015

The template itself shouldn't give any problems. But, keep me updated with your news

Quote · 8 Jan 2015

Andrew after fixing issues with my site I installed neo template all good working fine no problems

only question is where do i edit text in promo and images

Quote · 10 Jan 2015

Also noticed that the menu in profile or the logo dont seem to be responsive see screen grab

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Quote · 11 Jan 2015

For the NEO theme, you can modify the promo section in the following file: templates\tmpl_neo\_promo.html

Here, you will notice that all the images are located in 'templates/tmpl_neo/promo/' directory.

I also made the necessary changes (in responsive rules) that you mentioned. You need to update css files (only)

Quote · 12 Jan 2015

Thanks Andrew for update where can i download the new css files from? did you upgrade the full template and i need to re download from there?

Quote · 14 Jan 2015

You may simply download the new version, and then - compare (and merge) CSS files

Quote · 14 Jan 2015

Thanks i already got it and uploaded new css files looking much better now thanks again

Quote · 16 Jan 2015

Hi Andrew i have an issue with menu when using cell phone, if i click all members it goes to page ok but menu says Home if i click on home to go back to home page it stays on all members and doesn't go back to home page the only way to go back to the home page using cell phone is to click logo.

see attached screen shot

menu home.jpg · 181.1K · 367 views
Quote · 31 Jan 2015

Hello, the problem was solved, only one file was updated: BxTemplMenu.php

Quote · 16 Feb 2015

got it Andrew thank you

Quote · 18 Feb 2015


I have a question about Static and NEO responsive themes. Can not find timeline in demo. Do these themes support timelines?

Quote · 22 Mar 2015


Google template

Warning: Illegal string offset 'count' in /home/pilotsoc/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php on line 748

Thank you..

Quote · 2 Jul 2015

Of course, all my templates support the Timeline module. This module is just not installed on my demo website.

> Warning: Illegal string offset 'count' in /home/pilotsoc/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php on line 748

Well, it is nearly impossible to guess a code that is on this line. But I think that this warning is because of Spy module that is not installed on your website. Am I right?

Quote · 6 Oct 2015

Today the G+ template was updated for Dolphin 7.2.0

Quote · 6 Oct 2015

Today the Static template was updated for Dolphin 7.2.1

Quote · 14 Jan 2016
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.