Anyone have a decent current 'market' site running

Right... its been years since I've been here!

Used to run a few Dolphin based sites way way back (nearly 10 years now!) but left D behind to focus on Wordpress based projects


I never really managed to get Dolphin to 'look' the way I wanted it to, and was wandering if anyone has any modern looking sites up and running you wouldn't mind sharing (here or message...)


Im looking at a new project, and thought maybe Dolphin might be a contender for building on once again, but Im not a fan of annual subscriptions for individual modules, rather just have full ownership of my site as I can with most other platforms I now use.


Looking to build something that is essentially a market based shop site, allowing multiple vendors, or business listings with the ability to list products and vendors sell them with no commission payments. Just a site membership payment which I know I was able to setup using the old Dolphin build.


Never got it to look or feel right though, always looked more like a back end system than a modern slick website!


Anyone out there still using and using succesfully?

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Welcome back daihlo. Dolphin is on its last legs and it may pay you to have a look at Cheetah.


I can't help you with a marketing site, but as you can see from the posts here, nobody is really interested in Dolphin anymore. Very sad, but that's what the hierarchy wants.

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If you did want to create a site; look at Modzzz's premium store module.

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