Applying Dolphin 7.4 updates

Regarding all my modules, if you are updating from Dolphin 7.3 to Dolphin 7.4, all that is needed is to re-upload the files. No reinstall or database change is needed. This is assuming that you were keeping the module up to date and have applied all released patches.

If you experience any issue with a module due to update, please report in relevant support forum and the issue will be quickly investigated. 

For persons with customized versions of modules, please contact me via PM for update assistance. If you apply the general updates, you will overwrite your custom changes !

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Quote · 26 May 2019

If anyone has modules developed by others that they need to update to Dolphin 7.2, I can be contacted by PM for assistance.

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Quote · 30 May 2019

Thanks for staying true to the customers who bought your modules.

Where would we be without you?

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