Auto-Activate Profiles After Joining

Hello all


i have problem with dol - 7.3.0 Auto-Activate Profiles After Joining

when member confirm mail in dolphin this member is on approval,

i try disasble Auto-Activate Profiles After Joining and enable Auto-Activate Profiles After Joining, same problem

i deleted cache, same problem

any suggestion?

thank you

Quote · 12 Jan 2018

You may need to tick the first three boxes in admin/settings/advanced settings/moderation. If the third box isn't ticked it could be causing the problem:  Auto-Confirm Profile Without Confirmation Email  (Yes).

You'll soon know when it's working by the amount of spam profiles you will get. Hopefully you have other anti-spam measures in place.

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Allowing Auto Activate is just asking for trouble.


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Quote · 13 Jan 2018

Hello moby10!


As johnk42 answered above - enabling "Auto-Activate Profiles After Joining" will transfer new users into "Auto-approval" settings. But if you enable "Auto-Confirm Profile Without Confirmation Email" and setup Antispam like in our (admin panel->tools->antispam tools, notice parameters "User Join Behaviour If Listed In DNS Block Lists" and "Enable DNS Block Lists") then new members will get "Active" status.


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