Auto Logout Members Mod Support (Modzzz)

This is the support forum for the Auto Logout Members mod.

This module will log off members that are not active after a predetermined length of time. The module works by initially showing a popup to warn members that they will be logged out when the inactive time is approaching. If no action is taken, then the module proceeds to logout the member.

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Quote · 29 Jul 2016

Minor issue with warning dialog.

The module works fine but the first warning window looks odd. Please see attached PDF for this and a possible suggestion for future updates.  Thanks

Auto Logout.pdf · 67.3K · 281 downloads
Quote · 6 Jan 2018

Nice work with the Auto Logout.pdf


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Quote · 6 Jan 2018

The following file is updated to display missing header message in Auto logout popup : modules/modzzz/autologout/classes/BxAutoLogoutModule.php

The language string for this message is : _modzzz_autologout_msgbox_popup_header

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Quote · 6 Jan 2018

Thanks for the super-quick follow up Modzzz.

That works fine and great module.

Quote · 7 Jan 2018

Hi, I have got an installation issue:


1. logout mod gets 'installation failed' message

2. logout mod is still in the list of NOT installed modules

3. nevertheless the _modzzz_autologout is listed in the admin section modules, but not in the list of installed modules (of course, as it is listed under NOT installed) so uninstall and 2nd try of installation is not possible


I could need some advice,

thx, peter

Quote · 17 May 2018

@Peter - There is a '+' button beside the message that says 'installation failed'. Click on it to see the exact cause.

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Quote · 18 May 2018

Installation von: Auto Logout Fehlgeschlagen

-- Verändere Datenbank: 
-- -- Es wurden Fehler in der folgenden SQL-Abfrage gefunden:
-- -- Fehler: 
INSERT INTO `sys_options` (`Name`, `VALUE`, `kateg`, `desc`, `Type`, `check`, `err_text`, `order_in_kateg`, `AvailableValues`) VALUES('modzzz_autologout_permalinks', 'on', 26, 'Enable friendly permalinks in Auto Logout modules', 'checkbox', '', '', '0', ''),('modzzz_autologout_admin_logout', '', @iCategId, 'Auto Logout admin profile also', 'checkbox', '', '', '0', ''),('modzzz_autologout_threshold, '1000', @iCategId, 'Max. number of logged out records to store in database log', 'digit', '', '', '0', ''),('modzzz_autologout_idle_minutes', '60', @iCategId, 'Number of idle minutes before logout is triggered', 'digit', '', '', '0', ''),('modzzz_autologout_popup_minutes', '50', @iCategId, 'Number of idle minutes before popup reminder is triggered', 'digit', '', '', '0', '');
Quote · 18 May 2018

@Peter - I have fixed the issue. Please re-upload the files to your server then attempt to install again.

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Quote · 18 May 2018

Yes Cool Thx

Quote · 18 May 2018
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