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This is the support forum for the Background Switcher mod.

Now you can change your website background on certain occasions such as Valentine Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve or based on the demographic information of the logged in member. For example, if your social network is connected to Sport then you can put a special Olympic background at the time of the Olympic games or you can display a football related background during the Super Bowl season etc.

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Quote · 5 Aug 2016

is there a way to have it display graphics everyday that are different OR just display the same one untill you ask it to change ?

Quote · 12 Aug 2016

It has the option to set a background as default so you can have a number of backgrounds and just change the default when you desire.

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Quote · 12 Aug 2016

Hey Modzzz,

I am getting this error in my email:

Database error in The Boat Transporters

Query:  SELECT `id` FROM `modzzz_bgswitcher_main` WHERE `status`='approved' AND
LIMIT 1 Mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'A=0'
LIMIT 1' at line 1

 Found error in the file
at line 328.

Called 'getOne' function with erroneous argument #0.

 Debug backtrace:

Thank you for you help.

Quote · 26 Aug 2016

Scratch that Modzzz. I just found out that Background switcher will not work with the Template I bought. Maybe that is the reason for the error.. Not using the EVO template.

Quote · 27 Aug 2016

An update has been made to the following file :


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Quote · 27 Aug 2016

This mod is updated to fix an issue with some backgrounds not showing. Re-upload files and clear cache.

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Quote · 19 Sep 2016

a question:

I set one photo as default background.

after a while, I set another photo as default background.


Which one will be effective?


by the way, this is a good module.



Walter -
Quote · 12 Jan 2017

This module is updated to ensure that only one photo will remain as default background (the last one that is set). Please re-upload the files.

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Quote · 12 Jan 2017

A pagination error is fixed. Please re-upload this file : modules\modzzz\bgswitcher\classes\BxBGSwitcherSearchResult.php

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Quote · 22 Jan 2017

Further updates have been made to the module regarding resizing of background and selection of the correct background based on criteria. Re-upload files and clear cache.

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Quote · 23 Jan 2017

Version 2.0.1 released. (See patches/version 2.0.1 folder)

Added option for background size.

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Quote · 1 May 2018
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