Been away a few years... whats new!?

Hey all, I've been away for a while (think a couple years at least!) - just looking at possibly using Dolphin for a new project, shake off the ring rust and hopefully get it to work for what I need!


Whats changed in the meantime?

Any new big developments... amazing modules released?

Will be sticking with the 'old' Dolphin rather than UNA as I have a s**t load of modules already for that so may as well use em!

Quote · 30 May 2019

Yeah, we missed your smiling face.

You need to read the older posts because much has happened and mostly for the worst.

LeonidS (Moderator) gives constant support, AlexT isn't around much which is a pity and Mr Boone is securely locked in his cocoon, only to venture our when he sees an opportunity to promote his pet UNA.

Module development has come to a virtual standstill, mainly because the third party developers have had their asses kicked very hard indeed.

As Modzzz put it "We're in maintenance mode" doing major updates for PHP7 without reward or many accolades. 

Most of us want to say bye-bye and fork Dolphin, but there's a long way to go before a devoted group sits around the round table to formulate a plan.

A dozen or more of us are still here, possibly with another thousand sitting in the bleaches. Who knows?

Like yourself, most of us are locked into thousands of dollars worth of modules, but things are grim for the developers. We need to get them motivated again, but nobody wants to pay for something they've already got.

I've suggested to Modzzz, that he adds a few new features to some of his modules and offer them to past users at a discounted price. That's what others do, so why not Modzzz? Unfortunately I haven't been successful.

Please hang around, we need you!

Quote · 30 May 2019

doesnt sound like much has changed then Undecided!!!

'joking' aside...

I had a good run with D back a number of years ago, spent a ton on modules and custom work, made it back though through a few projects... (although that was down to the content on the sites rather than the platform)


D always had its quirks, the main complaint I used to get though from clients was the look of the thing... despite the tons of templates I've purchased, it always looks dated and 'techy' (clients words not mine...)


I ended up moving to another platform, well a plugin actually for WP (peepso), looks wise, its a huge improvement and with WP's huge market of plugins you can make it do pretty much anything.


I came back here as I did build a successfull 'intranet' platform for a company I worked for a number of years back, gave me insight into using D as a back end platform for companies rather than a frontend social platform... same thing, different angle really.

back end systems dont need to look as good as front end ones, so long as theyre functional - suits D better for me :-)


Will be giving D a good working over next week, build up a test site and remind myself what all the modules I bought were for!...


still nice to see some old faces still here :-)





Quote · 31 May 2019

I'm working with an older market that doesn't want bells and whistles or monkeys waving at them. There are a lot of sites that look far more dated, so for me Dolphin is fine.

It would be fantastic if a new generation Dolphin could use place markers like @name so that people could design their pages with any web design program.

It was done 30 years ago with Wordstar's Mailmerge. Just write a letter and add @name @address and Mailmerge would grab those items from a database. If they could do it then, why can't they do it now?

Dolphin's templates have always been under fire, but this is a way around the problem.

I dream . . . . 

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