Blank orca-admin page

It should work:

1. Login to your admin panel.
2. Go to Plugins > Orca Forum
3. Under the heading Plugins, click on the Orca Forums link. It should take you to the Orca forum as an admin.

But all what I get is a blank page when I click Orca plugins in administration.

Otherwise Dolphin works ok. Any ideas that would help me to get orca administrated?

Dolphin 6.1.4, Orca from same package. Linux Centos.

Quote · 27 Aug 2008

yum install php-domxml.i386


Quote · 27 Aug 2008

hrhuu, you are right, but in my case it didn't work wthout resarting the WWW-server.

And now all is fine!!!


Quote · 23 Sep 2008

For Orca to work you have xslt enabled into your servers php and ofcourse xml (with dom)
Else Orca will not function.

Kids first
Quote · 23 Sep 2008

Yes, Killa, u r right.

but I am a newbie, I have seen Dolphin 2 weeks ago the first time and started to work with it middle of last week.

And you must admit that it it sometimes a good part of work to gain the crucial infos ;-))

(which in no way reduces the worth of dolphin et al.)Cool

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I got a similar problem; after first install of dolphin with orca forum when going to Admin - Plugins - Orca Forum - the forum worked (only the language variables looked strange - something like LLanythingLL or so). As i remembered from

a test on my local machine, there i compiled the language and then orca worked pretty fine. So I did the same on

my Webhost, but after i compiled the language the forum stays blank.

I had a look in phpinfo and it says that domxml and xslt is installed:

DOM/XML enabled

XSL enabled

My Webhoster doesn't provide safe_mode off, so i commented out the safe_mode part in the; maybe this causes the blank page?

Best regards,


Quote · 13 Nov 2008

Same here , i have everything that is required but still a blank page 


Quote · 24 Jul 2011

Uninstall sql in database, then install sql in database. Clear cache and there you have a new forum ( beware of lost posts). This will reinstall the forum and wipe away all other old entries .

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