Orca 2.0
Generation of FREE licenselrepton started 26 May 2009 · Nathan Paton replied 5 Jan 2017Greetings all: - I have generated a couple of free licenses for Dolphin (not Ad-Free, just free)...f...
Can't edit forum as adminCampethoMedia started 23 Jul 2008 · dvcgraphics replied 24 Aug 2016
Blank orca-admin pagehrhuu started 27 Aug 2008 · witchunknown replied 4 Aug 2011It should work: 1. Login to your admin panel. 2. Go to Plugins &...
Cant compile languageconnectu started 5 Jan 2010 · jslx7 replied 25 Jul 2011Hi all, Im running orca on dolphin 7. I have translated orca in italian (www/modules/boonex...
The Admiunistrator has been deleted what do I do?neufelt started 1 Jun 2011 · DosDawg replied 3 Jun 2011Since I register with Dolphin, many spammers has invaded the site. We simply screen them, ban them, inform them and delete th...
USERNAME AREA DOES NOT FUNCTIONneufelt started 1 Jun 2011 · neufelt replied 1 Jun 2011Dear all please some help, Potential members tried to register but it appears that they can not register due to a faul...
Error trying to create forums in Orcabayness0 started 4 Jul 2008 · backspacedeletethat replied 6 May 2011I get the following error - has anyone solved this. This is a clean install of Dolphin
forum tab widthHerbert started 20 Apr 2011 · ggsinc replied 20 Apr 2011I use german languge and would like to change the width of areas in the forum tab. Is it possible?  
Make forum directory always openednancycity started 2 Jun 2008 · Nathan Paton replied 23 Mar 2011Hi, How to make the yellow directories are always open ? There are all closed and it seems there is no topics inside ...
orca not workingStephend started 20 Nov 2010 · jdoyle55 replied 20 Nov 2010
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